You don’t need to be told that the demand for the Microsoft Office package has steadily been on the rise by the iPad users since it contains some of the most used programs for day to day life activities. With this in mind, Microsoft decided to make this available to the iPad users but in three separate apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the App store.

microsoft office now available for ipads

You might want to got through this video which was made available by Microsoft after the availability was announced.

You can check more about this from the Microsoft blog where it was officially announced.


  1. This is great news Oscar! For some time, I simply had to type all my documents via Blogsy before they were made available for editing when I had access to the traditional PC…it’s great to know that I wouldn’t be limited by such challenges again.

    Great, short and concise entry.


  2. oscar. i just finish reading a similar post to this. but i don’t really know who linked/copied from eachother. while going through your post, the differences that convince me that you’re the orignal content source is how you explain vividly what one need to know about this microphone. thanks for the review. but expecting reviews about android from you too. How to Setup Nokia Mail and Chat powered by Yahoo on Mobile Phones.


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