When it comes to Small and Medium scale enterprises’ (SMEs), you’ll notice that they are been limited to the areas in which they operate. These businesses are only known to few family and friends who also tell friends, limiting the business coverage area to their network of friends.

mobiz for SMEs

Here is an opportunity presented by Mobiz which you won’t afford to miss as a small business owner who is limited by cash to launch the aggressive advert campaign needed to make your business a household name. Mobiz has in the spirit of the New Year launched a special promotion to develop an easy to operate mobile website for SMEs at a giveaway monthly rate of N999!

Research has shown that about 88% of internet traffic in Nigeria originates from mobile devices. Now imagine what would happen to your business if some or all of this traffic is directed to your business way – larger customer base, increase in profit, nationwide visibility, to mention a few.

This mobile site is fully optimized for all feature and smart phones. The opportunities available for your business as a result of the Mobiz mobile site are numerous going by the large number of mobile internet users.

For just N999 (nine hundred and ninety nine naira) you can own a mobile website with your own domain name (eg. www.zicotexsports.com.ng). With the mobile site, you have a wide variety of templates to choose from, your business images and videos can be uploaded and you can connect with customers via social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook). You can also integrate M-commerce (Shopping Cart) payment – enabling customers to pay directly into your bank account. To partake in this offer by Mobiz, a minimum subscription of 1 year is required.

mobiz for medium and small scale businesses

Owning a mobile site gives your business an identity, a face that goes beyond just a business name, it becomes an entity customers relate with. You can communicate with customers and site visitors via videos and images uploaded on the site.

Mobile mobile site helps you acquire customer information, enabling you to know your customers and their needs and how to tailor your services to suit them. The mobile site gives you nationwide visibility as it is linked with various social media. It enables video marketing, promotes contextual advertising and would be linked to one of the most visited sites in Nigeria.
Products, services and price information can also be placed on the mobile website making communication with customers and site visitors very easy. Your website will receive regular traffic with numerous users searching for various goods and services.

Mobiz mobile website helps you grow your customer base while building a stable followership network.

To own your own mobile site, simply FLASH 01-2263422 or log on to (www.mobiz.ng/start) for more information.



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