You must have been tired of the way your laptop or desktop PC sucks heavy data. Do you really want to get rid of it? The heavy data consumption could be of many reasons, ranging from background processes auto-updating, downloading or uploading without you knowing. It could be so frustrating when you planned for have planned how long you wish your data to last and only find out it finishes in no time.GlassWire-Firewall-Software

Today I’ll introduce to you a GlassWire. A help in data distress.

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What Can GlassWire Do? – Features

Visual Network Monitoring: Shows you a graph view of all your past and present.

Internet Security: Possesses good security tools like system file change detection, device list change detection, app info change detection, ARP spoofing monitoring and lots more.

Network Time Machine: You can view your network activity for a specified time range. That’s awesome.

Discreet Alerts: Non-intrusive notification on your data usage

Bandwidth Usage Monitor: Your, daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage are being monitored.

Remote Server Monitoring: Your server network activities are being remotely monitored.

Internet Privacy Protection: Your applications are being monitored as to which of them are using your bandwidth, what servers such apps are communicating with and the location of such servers

Ask to connect: You’ll be asked to approve or deny new network connections by GlassWire.

Lock down mode: All network connectivity can be disabled, so that when you are away, no application will be able to download or upload anything.

Mini graph: A small graph is always on your desktop for monitoring even without having to open up the full GlassWire application

Webcam and Mic detection: It gets you notified when any application is using your PC’s mic or webcam. This could be of help as it can protect you from hackers trying to record your private moments

Who’s on your Wi-Fi or Network?: Helps you know how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network

To check the list of applications currently connected to the internet, click the Firewall. Click any application and it will be blocked access to the internet. Once you see a red flame by the side of any application, you should know that it has been blocked access to the internet.GlassWire-firewall

Monitoring Live / Real-Time Data Usage

To monitor your live data / bandwidth usage, all active applications and how much data they have consumed, click the Usage tab.Data-usage-monitor

Download GlassWire

You can download GlassWire free version here.


Once downloaded, we’ll like to get a review from you, what you think about GlassWire. Meanwhile, be social, share this post on your social profiles using the share buttons below.


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