I’ve written a couple of posts previously about the most anticipated Windows OS version(Windows 9), but this time, we are really getting closer to know what it looks and feels like.

German sites ComputerBase and WinFuture have been able to throw up about 20 screenshots of what the OS would look like. For those who have been thinking Threshold (Windows 9 codename) would have the basic windows designs come back would be disappointed as this new look is more based on the design of Windows 8.1.

windows 9 threshold images leak

It would interest you to know that the Start Menu is also brought over to this OS and there’s even a search icon next to the Start Menu to enable quick access to wherever location you wish. We would be expecting Windows 9 release by next month or at most early next year.

A nice c0mpilation of the various screenshots has been made by The Verge which you’ll probably love to check out.



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