Learning some programming languages may be very difficult, but making research and selecting a suitable programming language can be difficult too. Today we have many programming languages, capable of being used to create awesome apps, software, and operating systems, depending on your level of understanding. In this article, we explore a list of most popular languages to learn programming.

1. Java

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Java is unarguably one of the most popular programming languages we have today. Java is popular for all the right reasons. Java is a programming language that has been used to build a lot of the operating system. It is the main programming language used in the development of the Android operating system. The versatility of Java has made a goto programming language for many.

One of the top selling features of Java is its Virtual Machine, popularly referred to as the Java Virtual Machine ( JVM). The Java Runtime Machine makes it possible for each language on different hardware platforms and devices. Java was designed to handle many tasks related to data types and memory management. Java has the ability to simplify application development and the ability to simplify application development. These and many other features make Java Programming very popular and sought for by many.

2. Python

Popular Languages to Learn Programming

Python is a programming language designed to suit the needs of people who desire to make cool stuff using codes, without having to spend a lot of time mastering programming. Despite being simple to learn, Python actually has a wide range of application. There are claims that 37.9% of professional developers today, makes use of the Python programming language.

Python does away with most of the strict rules you find in other programming languages, one of such strict rules is the need a semi-colon at the end of each line of code, to indicate an end of the statement.  The simplicity Python offers, as facilitated its domination. Python is gradually replacing Java in universities and High schools. Computer science students are now being thought python Instead of JAVA.

3. JavaScript

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Javascript is a goto programming language for developing web apps. It is the most sought after app when it comes to developing web apps. Survey has ti that 71.5% of professional developers rank Javascript as the most popular programming language and 54.4% of developers ranked Javascript as the most popular technology.

Frontend javascript Frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue can be used to build browser-based web applications. Node.Js lets users write backend applications using Javascript. Node.Js lets users write web services, Manage internet of things, experiment with machines and do lots more. The greatest facilitator of Javascript popularity is its support across the software industry. Today we have a lot of free tutorials scattered on the internet. This tutorials we give you a head start on Javascript as a programming language.

4. C#

Popular Languages to Learn Programming

Pronounced  C-Sharp, C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. Microsoft developed C# to be an alternative to Java. It was developed following the need for an object-oriented language that wasn’t under any kind of serious patent. A survey has it that C# is popular amongst 40.4% of developers today.

Despite the fact that C# was developed to be an alternative to Java, it doesn’t completely fit into the position of an alternative. Microsoft is still adding features, to step up the relevance of C#.  Just like Javascript, there are a lot of C# tutorials on the internet, both paid and free.

5. Kotlin

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Still, on the topic of most popular languages to learn programming, Kotlin is another popular programming language, synonymous to Java. It was designed to interoperate fully with java and the Java Run-time machine standard library depends on the Java Class Library.

According to Stack overflow survey, Kotlin is a second most loved programming language, a survey made in 2018. It was developed by JetBrains, to be fully interoperable with Java, it comes with no limitations. Kotlin can be used for Server-slide development, Android apps dev and lots more.

6. Swift

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Swift Langauge was designed for programmers who have an interest in developing apps for Apple Products. Swift Langauge can be used to develop IOS and MacOS applications. Swift has been used by developers to build powerful, High-performance, Native iOS, MacOS, and Linux Apps.

Swift is was developed to be a faster, more streamlined and easier in debugging, when compared to its predecessors like Objective-C, which was once the goto language for developing iOS apps. Swift has been used to develop apps you will find on Apple Watch and Apple TV.

7. C/C++

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First introduced in 1970, C is one of the veteran programming languages we have today. C  is one of the great programming languages, that facilitated the development of a lot of popular operating systems and software we use today.

C has given birth to other programming languages, popular examples are C# and Java. C is the basis for the Linux operating system. Unlike some of the already mentioned programming languages, C has a great learning curve, that requires a lot of dedication. C is heavily influenced by syntax, constructs, and paradigms.

C++ is the successor of C, it builds on C. C++ is an object-oriented language, that features a better option for developing high-level applications. C++ is popular for developing computer graphics, video games, and virtual reality.

8. PHP

Popular Languages to Learn Programming

PHP is a programming language designed for developing websites. PHP is a server-side scripting language, that powers 83% of the websites we have today.  Today we have a lot of developers, developing websites using PHP. PHP is the programming language behind top brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and the popular WordPress content management system.

Similar to Javascript, PHP is used to develop websites that require collecting of data, verifying form data, creating cookies and displaying dynamic content and images. PHP offers a number of frameworks, such as Laravel and Drupal, which can be used to build applications faster and make content more robust.

9. Rust

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Developed by Mozilla, Rust is one of the new programming languages today. Despite being a newbie. similar to C and C++, Rust is intended for low-level systems programming. Rust emphasizes on speed and security. It centers on Safe code for preventing programs from accessing part of the memory, which they shouldn’t be accessing. This is done to avoid unexpected behavior and system crashes.

10. Ruby

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Last but not least is the Ruby programming language. It is another programming language that that is highly sought after by web developers. Ruby is popular for its Rails web application framework.

Ruby features a very friendly and helping user community that makes its learning curve easy. The Ruby community even has an unofficial saying, “Matz is nice and so we are nice,” encouraging members to model their kind and considerate behavior on Ruby’s chief inventor Yukihiro Matsumoto

There you have it – a comprehensive list of ten popular languages to learn programming. if you other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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