It is quite interesting to know that the Firefox web browser has gotten a recent update to the version 33. It is dubbed the best web browser yet according to Mozilla’s website and it comes with a couple of new features.

This means all users of the Firefox web browser (last stable version was 32.0.3) would receive a notification to update their browsers to the latest available version on the web.

mozilla firefox version 33

What’s New?

From the release notes here, you can find out the below are new to the Firefox browser

Things Changed So Far

What’s New In HTML5?

What’s New For Developers?

What’s Fixed?

  • Fix incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1.1 transfers (237623)

 Download Mozilla Firefox version 33

It is advised you download this latest version of Firefox from the official website (i.e if you couldn’t get the update automatically) rather than from 3rd party sites. Below are various links to the version 33 on different operating systems.

You might want to check your version of firefox before making the update. Anyway, great update from the Mozilla Team this time.


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