Still on the MTN Suprise Promo series, here is another hot one for those of you who like making lengthy phone calls. You get 500% bonus of what ever you spend on calls a day. Did I just say 500% 😮 ? Sure I did, still in the period of thanks giving, MTN wants to appreciate all their customers, for their patronage (lol)

Less I forget, FTB was recently one, and we celeverated our one year anniversary, you can see post here.
Join us and celeberate, drop a comment too.

Okay! Where is my calculator? Let’s do it mathematically. Supposing you use upto #200 in a day, what should you expect?

200 / 100 x 500 = 1000 😮

Meaning you get upto #1000 worth of airtime with just #200, sounds great, doesn’t it?
I know by now you must have already gathered a lot of excitements already, and wantiong to know how to go about it. Ok I’ll tell you now but before then, let’s see how it works.

How The MTN 5-Star Promo Works

This is all you need to know about the MTN 5-Star Promo, read carefully.

  • A required daily usage has been place on all MTN subscriberes
  • You are required to make calls upto or more than your daily usage so as to qualify for the 500% bonus (MTN 5-Start Promo).
  • Immediately the bonus is activated, a notification will be sent to you on your required daily usage (by SMS)
  • This 500% bonus can be used only MTN to MTN calls only without roaming
  • Any bonus given lasts till 12midnight on that particular day which it was given.

I know you might be worried about the fact that this bonus only allows MTN to MTN calls, but remember that 70% of Nigerians use MTN network, and 85% of Nigerians own a MTN sim, so you can still reach as many people as you wish.

How To Activate The MTN 5-Star Promo

It’s as easy as saying (FTB), but I’ll share every code you need to know here.

  • Dial *507# or text 507 to 131 to activate.
  • Dail *507*1# to check your daily target
  • Dial *507*2# to check your total amount of calls made and the remaining stipulated target to reach.
  • Dial *559# to know your available.

Note: You can’t Option Out of this until 15th of December 2014.

Sure that’s not a big deal, we are already in a festive period and you really needs make a lot of connections via phone calls, so I guess you won’t regret it.


    • Hi Navneet,
      It’s good to see you on my blog, in 2012 this same promo was up towards this same season, I guess you were’nt aware though. You never told me you’ve been to Nigeria before.. Lols.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  1. Hi Larry

    This is a wonderful information Bro. I see that MTN is ready to make its customers happy as even their HYNET MTN has increased its data cap by 500%.

    Thank for the info and I will check it out.

  2. Brave of them I must say. But how the system works is what I don’t know for certain.

    Some who subscribed got high daily target while others got as low as #45 as their. MTN is not just for me If am to say.

    Uche Francis
    TechDavids .com

    • Hi Uche,
      No matter what your daily target is, I guess it’s ok, because, the bigger you use, the bigger you get 🙂

      It’s one of those first times I hear people say MTN isn’t for them, though every person is entitled to their own oppinions.
      Thanks and do have a wonderful day ahead


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