The MTN Call Me Back Code has been around for quite a while now and it’s a provision that allows the MTN network subscribers to easily reach through to their loved ones and friends when they are actually out of airtime.

MTN Call Me Back Code

There are two reasons I decided to make post ranging from the fact that we keep getting comments on this blog with questions such as “How do you send a please call me on MTN?”,  “How Can I send call me back on MTN” and “how do I send a call back from MTN MTN”. These are some of the questions we keep getting. One more thing, the MTN CallBack service got a new shine to it and you no longer need to memorize the long codes you are used to.

How Do I Send Call Me Back to MTN Line

Use the simple steps below to easily send a call me back text message from your MTN line

Step 1: Dial *133#

Step 2: You will be prompted to enter your friend’s number (e.g. 08031234567)

Step 3: Then you will be required to select your preferred message from the below messages:

  • 1. Call me
  • 2. Call me back. I love you
  • 3. Send me credit
  • 4. Call me. I have gist for you
  • 5. Call me. I need your assistance

Step 4: Once you have selected any of the numbers that suit you, the recipient would receive the text message as intended.

One more thing you need to know about the refresh with the MTN Call Me Back service code is the fact that you can now send unlimited number of call me back on the MTN network and that is suppossedly cool.

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