I use Namecheap’s Hosting on some of my blogs but not currently on this blog for quit some time, at least more than a year and I can’t say they are bad.

namecheap web hosting review

Namecheap now offers a high performance, low-cost web hosting with a reliable and fast to respond customer service, one of the best around. Namecheap’s Hosting Packages range from email-only hosting to full blown premium web hosting packages. One other thing I like about them is the Discounts they offere for yearly payments.

When I first choose them as my primary host last year, I had issues which drove me nuts. Their server speed was a little slower than that of my previous host, but one thing I enjoyed with them was, It never took me more than an hour to sort-out any problem I faced since Namecheap’s representatives are quite nice and learned. They took action immediately on any of my inquiry. As I earlier said, their server most times timed out when I ran this blog on their web hosting servers, so I decided to move this blog over to Arvixe hosting and since then I havn’t gotten such problems with them on my other websites.

Why I moved to Arvixe?

There servers where always having problems with slow load time when I ran this blog there, but currently as I still run some other websites with them, I no longer notice such problems. I saw VPS plans also on their webhosting which means they are continually upgrading.

If you are going to host a single or two websites that will not get super duper traffic, then Namecheap is a nice option to try out.


  1. Hello Oscar,

    Thanks for your opinion about Namecheap. Currently, I’m using bluehost but I’m a bit disappointed about their price so I’ll go with Name for the next month.

    All the best,


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