Hey guys, how about having a PC that reads your email, understands where you have made a promise to someone and then goes on to trouble you until you fulfill what you promised? Yeah this is crazy and I’m sure promise and fail folks won’t like this but that’s the new feature Microsoft is adding to its virtual assistant, Cortana for Windows 10. This means that whenever you send any mail containing a promise or commitment, Cortana will automatically set a reminder for you to help you remember your promise.

New Cortana to read and understand your mails

How It Will Work

During an interview with The Verge , Microsoft’s Marcus Ash stated, “Cortana will look for emails where you’ve said you’re going to do something. If you send an email to a friend or colleague with content like “I’ll get back to you by next week” or “I’ll have this finished by 5PM today,” then Cortana will create a card to help you set a reminder.”

The company is approaching the new feature in the same way as flight tracking. “We looked at how people use email today,” explains Ash. “People tend to send themselves email a lot.” As a result, Cortana will even pick up on those times when you email a useful link or note to yourself, and ask to generate a reminder if it makes sense.



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