Not so long after Andy Baily introduced the Comluv plugin to the blog-o-sphere, it was able to capture the hearts of many bloggers and most of all, this plugin sort of went Viral. There are lots of Pros attached to using this plugin both to the host blogger and their readers as the readers gain referral traffic from the links they leave on your comment while the blogger on the other hand enjoys more comments, traffic and dedicated readers. But have you taken out time to study if these readers are actually leaving those comments for the love of your content or rather for the traffic they stand to gain at the end of the day?

Taking notes of the various happenings in the cyber-sphere in 2013, it was observed that lots of blogs that had the plugin installed had their Page Ranks dropped a little in the last Google updates. This included the official Andy Baily’s blog which dropped from PR6 to PR5. Now, was this as a result of the plugin been installed on those blog? That most likely played a role to that effect.

Every little entrant in the SEO scene sure knows that whenever you give out Dofollow links, you are actually selling off your link juice which in effect reduce your Rankings and Page Rank in future Google updates and that’s exactly what happens when you dofollow the external links your commentators get from the comments on your blog. This has led lots of bloggers out there to Nofollow the backlinks they give from their ComLuv plugin and thus adding no value to the link you gain while leaving a comment on their blogs.

These gives rise to one big question? Are the backlinks you gain from ComLuv Enabled blogs really worth it? My candid opinion to this is simply “NO”.

After the sudden deep in PR of some blogs using this plugin last year, most of them disabled the plugins in a bid to restore their rankings, and that singular factor would simply erase the links pointing to the commentators blog. Not only have you as a commentator lost the backlinks for link juice you once enjoyed from such blogs, you’ll also loose the referral traffic you once did enjoy and that’s a 2-way loss after giving the host blogger traffic, comments and the opportunity to rank for long tail keywords.

Not only restricting this to the fact that these bloggers can disable the plugins or Nofollow the external links, this blogs might move their content to other platforms other than WordPress or Blogger where the ComLuv plugin isn’t available and you loose the whole backlinks in the blink of an eye.


If you are out there in search of the best link building strategies to probably increase your Page Rank, Domain Authority or rankings for a specific keyword on SERP, then making use of the comluv backlinking strategy is one of the worst link building techniques to employ. There are a bunch of link building methods that would work wonders and you should rather try them out.

As much as you think Guest Blogging for SEO is dead as announced by Matt Cutts, I still believe it’s one method that still  plays a major role in SEO if properly used. Other link building techniques are great rather than concentrate your efforts on ComLuv commenting that can be wiped off in one day.

What are your opinions on this? Please I’ll love to hear them. Do let me know using the comment section below.


  1. 9ce @ Oscar…..but nt really, i used commentluv plugin to generate more reader when i setup my i think u hv a point here, well lets watch it slowly and see……………# MATRIX

    • Hi Matrix,
      You definitely would gain more comments while using the plugin simply because the readers are all out to get backlinks from you. The rate at which comments came into this blog dropped drastically once I disabled my ComLuv plugin. You can help them gain referral traffic, but Nofollow-ing your external links is one way to avoid a Google manual penalty in the nearest future.
      BTW, thanks for finding time to read this post.

      • Hi Oscar i have always loved your blog since when i knew it and have always followed it for tips and updates____My Question is this i am a teenage blogger at i would want to know if backlinks are necessary for a website to move foward

  2. Hello Oscar, you are right, a lot of folks that still use the comment luv plugin have enabled, no follow, in their blogs, but i think their is also a walk around.

    If it’s only do follow blogs you want to comment on, you will need to use the N folow,do follow plugin for firefox or chrome and the plugin will show you if the site uses do follow or no follow, thus it’s left for you to decide if it’s worth commenting on

    but i think it also useful to get links from do follow blogs as well as no follow blogs, as that will make your link building activity look natural, just my 2cent

  3. I think blog commenting should be done on blogs without even determining whether it is “do-follow” or “no-follow”. For comments to appear naturally, one does not need to check every no and them for the updates links.

  4. Hi Oscar,
    I am fully in support of your above stated points. Infact, i believe that 80% of those who comment on blogs having the comluv plugins are only doing so just for the referal traffics which they are likely to earn. However, comluv is a nice feature but it makes it difficult for a one to different between the real commentators who cherish posts written, from who drop comments just for the positive effects of the plugin.

    Once again, thanks for sharing such great article, do have a nice time

  5. Actually I think commentluv is not worth it but as a blogger,it’s a win-win if you install the “no follow” commentluv because some will comment only for link and you GAIN.


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