As much anticipated in the mobile world, Nokia announced the official shut down of their support for the Symbian and Meego Apps using their Symbian Signed Team twitter account yesterday.

Nokia ends Symbian and Meego apps suport

This didn’t come as a shock because the company had earlier announced after they were purchased by Microsoft for 5.4 billion euros that developers in the line of the Symbian and Meego OS had only till 1st of January 2014 to make their final updates on Apps they had developed for these great OSs. These set of developers would have too make the switch from their former OS to the new Nokia OS.

This would leave Microsoft and Nokia to focus on the production of their Windows Phone Operating System who has the largest share of the Windows Phone Market.

Though their are claims and rumors that Nokia would be starting a new line of Android OS smartphones soon. This would be great, but let’s see where this leads them to this year.


  1. Hello Oscar,

    Like everything under the sun, the time for Symbian had come – just like that of blackberry! Let’s hope (and pray) that Nokia takes its consumers to the promised land.



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