I have written several posts on how to drive traffic to blog posts, but one question that keeps coming from readers is how they can drive traffic/visitors to their old blog post.

There are a couple of ways to do that and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you today. The methods are actually simple yet effective in driving traffic to old posts as I’ve tested and proven them.

Creating a post and starving it of traffic is one thing you must avoid if you want to build a lively blog. Below are the 5 tips to follow to pull insane traffic to your old blog posts. I will make this post as concise as possible, no long stories.

drive traffic to old posts

1. Internal-Linking: Do you know that interlinking your blog posts adds a lot of value to your blog both in terms of SEO and traffic? Here is why.

Whenever you make a new blog post and refer to old related articles on your blog, you are simply telling your readers that the post you just suggested would be useful if they needed to understand fully what you just wrote. Not only does it get people checking out your old posts, it also tells search engine bots that that page is useful and more authority should be passed on to it. And more-so, remember that the higher the Page’s authority, the higher the chances that the post would rank high on search engine results. You can see more about importance of inter-linking your post as written by Antonio on our forum.

2. Use Related Post Widget/Plugin: This is another method to promote your old blog posts. Using related post plugins automatically adds links to your posts which are related to the particular post a reader is reading. In wordpress, you can install a plugin that would automatically add related post to your blog, but in blogger you would have to do a little edit on your template.

3. Re-Share Your Posts On Social Networks: Social networks help you connect with people of same interests and this can be to your own advantage as a blogger. Sharing your old blog post over and over again can help you get fresh traffic to your blog posts. In my opinion, I would advice you start up with 3 social networks and concentrate on them before adding more to your list.

4. Make List Post: If you’ve noticed, once in a while, I would create a new blog post where I do a sort of link round up of related blog post. This round up would contain links to my blog post, and this method brings fresh/new traffic to old blog post. Here is an example.

5. Use Random Post widget/plugin: Random Post widget can be of great help here as it brings up random post from your blog and displays them wherever you wish your users to see them (such as the sidebar). All you need do is install a random post widget plugin, then add the widget preferably to your sidebar, your users might find an old post interesting and decide to check on them.

Now you know! Try these 5 tips out and watch traffic to your old blog posts increase. Please also do share your working tips using the comment box below.



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