After the last update by mobilepress, things became a little different and old mobilepress themes such as the one I shared some months ago with you no longer worked with the mobilepress plugin. Once again, I kept on getting request from other bloggers running the mobilepress plugin for the theme I used on my blog.

For some time, I never took it into consideration sharing my mobilepress theme, but when I went through most blogs using newly designed mobilepress themes by some other bloggers, I discovered a little bug in them which I decided to fix and get this lovely theme for your use.

Bug Fixed: Threaded Commenting

Commenting System: The default commenting system in Mobilepress doesn’t have a reply function (threaded comment). If you make a reply to any comment, it displays the reply as a comment and this does not display directly below the comment, but would be displayed after all other comments that came earlier.

I hated this feature because it disorganized the order in which comments are to be read and makes no sense, here on this theme, we were able to add the threaded commenting system to our RedPress Mobilepress Theme 2.0.

Other Additional Features

1. Author Bio Section: An Author bio system is readily available in this mobilepress theme. I used some WordPress PHP tags to call up the author queries from the Mysql database. The Redpress mobilepress theme would display the bio of whosoever is an author of any post.

2. Numbered Pagination: Unlike the former version of my Redpress Mobilepress Theme where I asked you to install a plugin in order to have the numbered pagination to work, here I implemented the PHP call in the function file and you do not have to worry installing a plugin for your numbered navigation. The numbered navigation is simply ready once you install this theme.

3. Comment Form: The default comment form of the mobilepress theme usually loads on another page, but I took out time to bring the comment form and comments to the post page. This would easy you from loading another page to make comments to a post or reading previously made comments.

4. Custom Logo: As usual, the mobilepress default theme has no logo, but I made provisions for that on this mobilepress theme.

5. Design: The Redpress mobilepress theme beats the default theme in terms of design and can find it’s way to match blogs of any kind.

6. Category List: I added the category list in form of a dropdown menu with no load button. All you need is simply click and select the category and get it to automatically load the page.

7. Share Buttons: Loading large share buttons for your mobile traffic has never been a nice idea in terms of bandwidth and convenience. I decided to make a 4-icon share buttons integrated at the top of the post. It would help you easily share your pages and post across Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg.

8. Feedburner Email Opt In: I added an Opt In form for feedburner in every single post, you can edit it to your feed burner address.

9. Related Post: A related post with was added by calling the 10 latest posts in same category excluding the post been viewed.

10. Ads Ready: Any mobile ad network can be added directly to the theme files.

Demo: My blog is a perfect demo of what you will get.

redpress 2.0

How To Install Oscar Redpress 2.0 Mobilepress Theme

  • Download Redpress 2.0 zip file here, then upload and extract it to …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes in your cPanel File manager.
  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Mobilepress > Themes then activate Redpress 2.0

Firstly Enable Thumbnails After Installation

  • Go to WordPress dashboard > MobilePress > Settings
  • Then tick the checkbox that reads Show Post Thumbnails and save.

How To Change The  Logo

  • In file manager, go to …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/redpress/img , then replace the logo.png with your own customized logo. It must bear the same file name as logo.png .

How To Change Favicon In Redpress Mobilepress Theme

  • In file manager, go to …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/redpress/img , then replace the favicon.gif with your own customized favicon. It must bear the same file name as favicon.gif .

How To Change Header and Footer Links

  • For header links go to  …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/redpress/ edit the header.php file and change the link1 and Facebook link there.
  • For footer links go to  …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/redpress/ edit the footer.php file and change the link1 and Facebook link there.

How To Add Your Own Feedburner Account

  • Go to  …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/redpress/ in file manager, edit the single.php file, find oscarmini (it appears twice),  and change to your blog feedburner username.

I hope you love this version of Redpress 2.0 Mobilepress theme by Oscar Frank.


  1. Nice Update Oscar ! This new theme looks awesome and unique .I think , this is the perfect theme for any WordPress blogger and would recommend it to any blogger using the WordPress platform.


  2. Cool one here bro… i always love to use your themes for my blogs i hope you could customize a web version theme as well

  3. thanks oscar this has saved me a lot of headache….. but the only problem is that after doing what u said on the thumbnail, it still mud nt show. watelse can i do?

  4. please oscar, if I want to insert a facebook like button for my FAnpage beneath the each post, how do I do that.I dont mean a fb share button o.A fanpage like button.Thanks

    • Hi Beejah,
      Here is the iframecode you need to insert to display your facebook fanpage like button. Remember to replace oscarmini with your facebook page username.

      <iframe style="width: 300px; height: 64px; border: 1px solid #ccc;" src=";width=300&amp;connections=0&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=65" height="240" width="320"></iframe>

      I hope it helps.

  5. Error!
    I have Instaled:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mopr_get_option() in /home/mobilewapg/public_html/wap/wp-content/themes/redpress/index.php on line 21
    can you help me?

      • plz breakdown how to use this theme for a newly installed wordpress blog. i want to create a blog and i wish to use this theme. and how will d pc view be for a new blog if i use this? am a newbie to wordpress

          • Thank you sir, plz explain how to install the theme for a new wordpress blog. i would have love to post the link of the blog i installed yesterday after reading this but i dont know if it against your rules. plz explain how i will install it. tanx

  6. i’v finally installed it but it keep on showing the default theme on operamini and redpress on other browsers. i renamed d default file and the site is now showing blank page. plz help me sir

  7. Oscar, I just stumbled upon this.. But now am trying to upload the zip and its saying ‘no valid plugin found’ what do I do?

      • Oh Thnks Mr Oscar.. I have successfully uploaded it.. I know I need to activate mobilepress and then activate your precious theme.. But… Again, am not a pro.. How would I add things like Fav,Sharebuttons and the rest..?? Thnx in anticipation..

      • Ermmmm… I have activated the mobilepress.. But now I cannot find redpress where its supposed to be so that I can activate it too.. Its just the regular mobilepress that’s there.. I need help!

  8. I uploaded directly using the theme page. Which one is extract? I used my BB to even upload it sef.. Pls what other thing have i missed? And what’s the step by step sequence? Thnx Mr Oscar!

  9. hmmmm…Mr Oscar, you should see how bad ii expect your reply.. is Wp-file manager part of what am going to use? i dont know how to use it. what should i do?

  10. Oscar ! Am having this error any help?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function
    mopr_get_option() in /home/
    themes/redpress/index.php on line 21

    • Hi Dammyt,
      You’ll have to check your line 21 of the index.php file in the redpress theme. That must be a syntax error. Do let me know either way if it get fixed or not.

  11. Hi Oscar!

    I’ve named the header logo, logo.png but still showing the the Redpress logo I’ve deleted. Please any help?

    • My goodness,
      Never knew you had issuse adding it to your blog. Why didn’t you let me know? Anyway, I’m glad it did work out for you, and for sure, expect a better experience for your mobile users.

  12. I like this your redress theme but i m still trying to figure out how it works.

    i have installed wptouch but i need pagination at the end of the posts.

    does this one.offer that

  13. Please this theme is showing an Error… After successfuly installing it… Check this site

    Please help me. Thanks

  14. I sincerely love to use this Redpress of yours but have tried out every tactics in extracting it but isn’t appearing in the Mobilepress themes. For a more detailed installation process, how do I use this tweak of yours?

    • Hi Bish,
      You would have to upload it to the themes folder of your mobilepress plugin and extract there. Note: You can change the folder destination to a convenient one if you wish from your Mobilepress settings dashboard.

  15. okay so i use thesis theme can i install this on my blog without it affecting the thesis theme?

    and also where its the downlod link ???


  16. Pls sir, i hav installed the theme in d right way, pls it is showing me

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function
    has_post_thumbnail() in /home/
    themes/redpress/index.php on line
    pls help me asap……thank u…..BTW, Nice theme, thumb up for u

  17. Hi! Oscar

    I just uploaded your theme now to my mobilepress, but how do I make the homepage to display only link without excerpt? Waiting to hear from you soon.

  18. Hi, i ve issues regarding the FeedBurner i replaced with my feedburner name Ayoproxy but i still get error message : The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled please help me and i can’t get my comment box to work, how can i include EMAIL box please

  19. bro my problems here is that I haven’t gone far about the blogging world, I have installed this theme, can u help me in the file manager

  20. Oscar anytime i click on the show thumbnail posts it writes this Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in /home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/themes/default/index.php on line 12 pls help

  21. Pls mr oscar, the problem am facing with redpress now is failure to display thumbnail for my post….i have installed auto post thumbnail, do the necessary settings, even i installed regenerate thumbnail plugin…all effort went futile…pls help


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