Every business owner these days is either creating a business website or bringing their investment online because the internet has proven to have larger and juicy potentials in terms of earning and ROI. If you fall into this category and have want to create a business website for your organization but still wonder what pages you should add to your website, never worry because this article is a detailed post that guides you to knowing the most important and must have pages you would definitely need to add up to your website.

must have pages for every website

It also stands as a guide to various Web Development and Web Designers out there searching for structures to creating a website.

Important Pages To Include On Your Website

1. Home Page (Index Page)

The homepage or index page is usually a the first page a visitor comes across when visiting your website. Infact it lies on your root domain and should contain an overview of what your website or business is all about. It must contain links to various useful directories on your website and tends to guide your visitors to resources and other pages that might aid their understanding of your business. The homepage can never be overemphasized because it gives your visitors an overall view of what they would expect.

2. Services

The next page that should come to mind after you must have created the homepage for your business website is the service page. Here, you have to give full details of the various services and products you provide your visitors with. It should not be an overview of services such as done on the homepage, but should contain all details that should be known by the customers, including incentives and prices if necessary.

3. About Us

Nobody would love to throw their money away and that’s the reason you need to create an about us page for your website. On this page, you have to every detail about your organization or business, who you are and what you do. If possible, details such as your date of incorporation, major big clients you have done business with and your achievements (in forms of awards) in your business niche should all appear on this page.

4. Contact Us

This is a very much important page that should not be overlooked. If you really want business deals and clients, then your Contact page is the write place your visitors would reach you from. On your contact page, put in details through which your potential clients can reach you quite on time and this should include Phone Numbers, Email Address, your Office Location and address. Some people go as far as added a contact form on their contact pages so people can mail them directly from the webpage and this is a great conversion practice.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is often overlooked but is of a great importance to be added to your website. On this page, you have to give answers to various questions that you think people tend to ask often when you talk about your business. When people visit your business website and need answers to certain questions, they probably would go to your FAQ(s) page to check out your say on that question. If you gave a nice explanation to their question, it’s a plus to your reputation and trust they’ll have for your organization.

6. Testimonials

This page plays a major role in increasing sales. People love to do things simply because others are doing it and this can be used to boost your conversion rate. Post testimonials by top people who have tested your services, this would drive other people who are also interested in the service or product into doing business with you. This really works a great deal and is a page you should not overlook.

7. Sitemap

Sitemap is simply the map of your website. It should contain links to various other pages of your website and would stand to guide people and even search engine bots to crawl your website efficiently.

These are the most important pages every website must have if you are creating a business website for yourself or organization. Apply this into practice and win more deals and clients over to your side. Cheer!


  1. FAQ page is definitely often overlooked. Just like blog posts, it’s an awesome tool for answering customer questions – yet it’s often used to answer mundane questions that are rarely even thought about.

    • Hi Michael,
      The issue of FAQs is usually overlooked by lots of webmasters, but it helps in guiding your traffic and making them understand your business website better. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you left your valuable comment. 🙂

  2. Archive is very important too and also having an afvertise with us page is good as it helps those wanting to advertise on your blog get the advert info easily. tnx for sharing boss

  3. Theses are very important pages. I implemented these pages and have been receiving petty jobs. It also helps your visitors know more about the own of the blog or website.


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