play psp games on android

Some years ago, Sony launched a handheld game console – PSP (Play Station Portable) Device. As the name implies, it could play Play Station Games.

But you would agree with me that android currently rules the mobile world right now, and as a result of the increase geometrically of Android Phone Users, an Emulator called PPSSPP was produced that could help Android users play PSP Games. Note that PPSSPP is an open source project.

Yes, with the PSP Emulator for Android known as PPSSPP, you can run PSP games on your android device and enjoy the fun of it.

Benefits of Using PPSSPP

1. It enhances user’s experience.
2. Play your favourite PlayStation Games in HD!
3. Save and Continue games.
4. Enables transferring of PSP saved games from the console to android.

Steps To Playing PSP Games On Android

1. Download PPSSPP Emulator from Google PlayStore or from their official website

2. For low end mobile phones like Tecno, the Android Phone needs to be rooted. After you have rooted your phone, download Roehsoft Ram Expander to help expand your RAM.

3. Download PSP Games usually in .CSO or . ISO Format. You can also get PSP Games at
NB: A .CSO file is same as .ISO file. The major difference is that .CSO is a compressed version of the .ISO file. If you lack disk space, data etc. download the .CSO game file.

4. Place the downloaded .CSO or .ISO file in your SD Card.

5. Open the PPSSPP Emulator, go to games then locate where you placed the games and click it. You can now enjoy PSP Games on your device!

Note: PPSSPP is also available on windows, Blackberry 10, symbian, meego, linux, mac. Check them out at the official page.

Isn’t this great? Let us know your experience with it. Cheers!


  1. It not responding well on my phone am using ppsspp gold and the game is seizing and i dont knw why maybe i shuld switch to psp sliver

  2. after downloading ppsspp a and the game(FIFA street2) I opened the ppsspp and went to where I put the game but after clicking it it says could not load game file is compressed please decompress first

  3. Am downloading d game from romhustler and every time am downloading it,it will show me download unsuccessful, then if I click on it,it will tell me to retry nd i will click it and it will show me download complete immediately. If I open my ZArchiver and click on the file it will show me achive corrupt.please tell me a better way to download it.tnx


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