Few weeks ago, I met a newbie blogger from a conference I attended in the ancient city of Ibadan. I guess he was hacked by one of the cyber-hackers on the internet, and he wanted to know some of the best tips ‘n’ tricks to prevent wordpress hack.

In that few moments with him, I was able to share some really great tips on how to secure wordpress website from hackers.

Dude was delighted and thanked me profusely. But for his sake and many others who might like to prevent their website from being hacked and hijacked by hackers, I have decided to document the process and of course, the tips to make your blog safe fro hackers.

Now, I need to clear the road a bit by sharing with you some of the reasons why you should aim to keep your blog secure and safe from hacks.

Number 1. reason why you should strive twice as hard to protect and prevent your wordpress website from being hack is because of “Theft”. A hacker would usually install a line of codes on your blog to track and steal money from you.

Another reason you should not joke with your wordpress security is “Information Leakages”, which might sometimes lead to outright loss of your web content.

While putting the pieces of this post together, I stumbled on a great information on Cloudbric about the 6 reasons why hackers want to hack your website. I guess you should read it. It would definitely make a good read.

Now let’s dive into today’s post. What do you think?

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Here, 5 Simple Tricks to Prevent WordPress Hack!

1: Backup

Backing up your wordpress website is one of the most important aspect of running a website weblog, but unfortunately, most wordpress users give little thoughts to actually backing up their website. Hence, they get really hacked easily.

Most recently, a senior colleague complained about being hacked, and that was about the second time he was getting hacked in less than a month.

But good for him that the hacker was a good hacker who doesn’t seem to care about his content. If not, this colleague would have lost the content he’s taken sweat to build over the years.

My point though is that it is a good practice to always backup your website files in case of such crazy activities, so that you don’t lose your labored works.

So, even if you got hacked and lose your content in the process, you can always restore your site from the backup you have saved on your computer’s local disk.

2: Keep your software up-to-date

Another important aspect you should look into his updating your wordpress software and plugins.

Most of the time, a hacker would take a leverage on your outdated software to haunt down your blog, which if you are not careful might send you into many months of coma.

You know what I mean, right? 🙂


So, if you don’t want to be a victim of a story that touches the heart, I’d advice that you always look out for outdated wordpress software and plugins, and update them accordingly.

3: Change your login details

A lot of the time, I see newbie bloggers using “admin” as password and using “blogname” or “password” as their login details.

Trust me, this is a very crazy thing to do. And if this is exactly what you did with your blog, leave whatever you are doing right now, yes, even this post, to fix that!

Change your username to something cool, something like, “Iamrockster” or “CharlesB”. Also, make sure to change your password to something really difficult. Something like, “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”.

I believe you get my drifts, do you?

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4. Try a secure connection

Like it or not, a poor connection is one of the culprits of a very vulnerable wordpress website. And if you are going to prevent wordpress hack, I strongly suggest you look to using a better, and of course, secure connections.

You can always start from the place of Virtual Private Network or VPN. These kind of connections protect and prevent hackers from hacking your wordpress blog.

5: Rename your login url

I discovered this one in the process of compiling and constructing together the pieces of this short, but effective trick post on how to easily secure your wordpress blog.

Many times, a hacker would implement a BruteForce Attack on your wordpress login area in order to hack into your wordpress dashboard to commit their cyber crimes.

In order to prevent this, cyber-hacking experts found that you could easily protect and prevent a wordpress hack by simply altering your wordpress login url from the initial wp-login.php to something like the ones below:

  • Change wp-login.php to something unique; e.g. my_new_login
  • Change /wp-admin/ to something unique; e.g. my_new_admin
  • Change /wp-login.php?action=register to something unique; e.g. my_new_registeration

Now, you don’t have to use the above examples. Just get creative and use a more customized login details. This way, it would be relatively hard for a hacker to find your login url, let alone be able to hack into your wordpress website.

At the end of the day, the safety of your website lies in your ability to prevent wordpress hack.


Now, those are some of the most simple but effective ways to keep your wordpress blog secure from the stings of a crazy cyber-hacker. If you would like to learn more about how to prevent your wordpress website from being hacked, Ahmad Awais wrote a great post on CodeInWp here – 20 Simple Tricks to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2018.

Albeit, I hope and believe that the five simple tips I shared here are enough to prevent wordpress hack from crazy hackers!

Over to you!

Did you get hacked recently? How did you get fixed? Did you apply any of the above tricks? If no, which ones did you use and apply? Please, share them by using the comment box below. Thank you!





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