Here we are discussing one of the most important things for a daily duty. And what exactly are my talking on? Yea, we’ll be discussing the things to considers when you are about getting the perfect printer for yourself or your office as a student, an office employee etc.

We have varieties of printers that serve different purposes such as the HP, Epson, Canon, and others have forced prices in other to ease consumers the purchase in stores, even your local supermarket, so just walk I and out with a brand new printer.

How To Choose the Perfect Printer

We’ve decided to create this guide to help you learn more about the most important things to note when buying a printer and to help you find the best of them that can meet your need.

What type of Printer is Right for me?

There are several types of printers to suit various needs and people. Be you a student, business user, photographer, or just in need to print normal printout or family photo, we have a printer that will work for you. With that in mind, with simple explanations of some of the most common terms and recommendations that will serve you. Looking at the below questions will help you identify the right printer for you. Some of the most basic of all questions include people asking things like “As a Student, what printer should I buy?”, “If I’d be doing a lot of photo prints, what printer out there would be great?”.

If you have asked any of these questions or variants of them, then stick around as there are factors stated below to answer your questions.

Factors To Consider Before Picking a Printer

Cost of Operation: If you want to get a printer for yourself or office, the first thing to consider is the cost of operating the said machine. Will the amount needed for replacements such as the Inks and Cartridges, cost of toner, and also the type of paper needed to be so much high that you would be out of business buying them? These are some of the things one needs to put in place before purchasing a printer.

Printout Size: Here is another factor that should determine what printer you’d want to get. Will you be printing large size media or just office printouts? You need to consider this also before going to the market for a printer.

Quality of Photo Print: If you’d be doing a lot of photo prints, then there are brands out there that are known for these and their printers are what you should be looking out for since they’ve understood the color science after years of research for photos.

Wireless Connectivity: Though most people might not look at this as a major factor, it is to me. I usually would want my printer connected to my network so every device in the network can print from with the same printer.

Type of Printers

Below I will be listing out a few simple home printers to assist you complete office solutions and everything in between, there’s a printer that will work for you.

  1. Color Inkjet printers
  2. Laser printers
  3. Photo Printers

1.Color Inkjet Printers

This printer can print just about anything: Essays, pie charts, or glossy photos, you name it. One amazing thing right now about the color inkjet printers is the fact that they are now amazingly fast and even comparable to the Laster Printers (sometimes even faster) in the market.

2. Laser Printers

This laser printer is in two categories (monochrome and color laser) and they are still a good bet for office settings when most of the printing that you need to do is in monochrome. But if we talk about the colored laser printers, though they might have popped up in your mind, we most times do not consider them since their page print is generally higher then their Inkjet counterparts.

Note: Soon, you may not have to decide whether to purchase a standalone printer or an all-in-one simply for the fact that most of the manufacturers out there are now producing home use printer models that are all-in-ones obviously for the singular reason that they are preferred.

3. Photo Printers

Most of us want to keep family photos on paper than printing off homework assignments and pie charts, consider a dedicated (single function) photo printer. One might say these photo printers might not be used for several purposes other than printing photos, but c’mon, they handle these tasks pretty well.

Many of the printers sold mostly for a dedicated photo or graphics use are small-size units capable of printing photos up to 4 x 6 inches in size and they can also be used to make media prints of about t media up to 24-inches width. One thing also that has been proven beyond doubt is the fact that multi-purpose printers have cheaper supplies than the dedicated printers. These all-in-one printers would be able to print photos up to up to 8.5 x 11 inches when the right paper is picked.

Another important thing to consider is the cost of replacement supplies before you buy any printer to know what you’re in for when the initial cartridges finally run dry. Would there be a possibility of refilling the cartridges in worst case scenarios? Here are some points to take into consideration.

Hope this post served you right. Once you’ve finalized your list of requirements, and you’re ready to buy, consider buying from an online vendor such as in order to get the best possible price or better still you can visit an electronic outlet for your printers.


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