Have you been in a the following situations?
* You forgot your Nokia Phone security code.
* Someone change your security code without you noticing.
* You need to know your friends security code.

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What comes up in your mind? I guess you’ll start thinking of formatting or flashing, well i must tell you there is an alternative solution for you.

Today techribs, has come with an alternative (ANT).

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What is ANT Software? ANT is a program that reads the security code of any Nokia Phone that support USB connection. With ANT you won’t have to erase your files by formating or flashing.

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How To Get Your Lost Security Code With ANT
Step 1. Firstly Download ANT Software Here.

Step 2. Make sure you exit the Nokia pc suite tray on your pc

Step 3. The file is in Zip format, extract ANTand run Simple.exe located in the folder

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Step 4. Connect the phone vis USB to the computer.

Step 5. On the MAIN tab, click on GET. Your phone IMEInumber and model should be displayed on the bottompanel as shown below

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Step 6. Now click on the SERVICE tab and click on GET button under USER CODE.

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Congratulations you have successfully gotten your phone security code.


  1. Good way to get the lost security code. I would like to make a contribution here. those who have forgotten the Nokia Security code, Can do a master rest to your mobile phone. Doing this would restore your phone with default factory settings. You can get the master reset code for most of the basic model Nokia phones from Unlock-Free.com for free. Good luck.


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