WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook. The application allows the sending of text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images, and other media, documents, and user location.


If you have been using Whatsapp for a while now or if you ever used Whatsapp, you are probably aware that a blue tick notification appears next to the message, when the receiver has read the message you sent. This blue tick notification brings to the awareness that the message you sent has been read.

Though having the blue tick notification sounds like a good thing, it is actually not all true. Think of a scenario where you have somebody pestering you, always sending you messages that you do not want to reply instantly, but have the desire to read and ignore them. Bluetick notification will sell you out. But not to worry, if the blue tick notification is a plight to you, this article will solve your problems. This article contains a comprehensive tutorial on methods for reading Whatsapp messages without blue ticks

How To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks

This a tutorial contains three methods, to read WhatsApp messages without blue ticks. Each method is represented by a heading with its procedures beneath it.

  1. Disabling Read Receipts

This is method recommended by WhatsApp and is done inside WhatsApp. All you have is make navigations under settings to disabling read receipts.

  • Navigate to settings
  • Click on the account and click on privacy
  • Scroll down and disable read receipts

2. Turn on airplane mode

Turning on airplane mode to read WhatsApp messages without blue tick notifications is actually a very fast and easy way to avoid blue tick notifications after messages have been read. All you need to do is clear WhatsApp from your recent app, turn on airplane mode, open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat that contains the message you want to read.

3. Reading Whatsapp messages directly from the notification bar

Recent WhatsApp upgrades have added the feature that allows users to read Whatsapp messages directly from the notification bar and even reply them if you wish. When you read WhatsApp messages from the notification bar, blue tick notifications will not be sent to the sender of this message. It is a very cool way to read messages without blue tick notifications.

There you have it. The basic ways to read WhatsApp messages without the blue ticks that let the sender know you’ve read the message. Hope you do find this post helpful.


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