Technologies are replacing useless and old-fashioned things in our lives and broaden our horizons, enable us to get the real taste of life, grant us unique tools to simplify and improve our lifestyle. Yet, sometimes technologies replace significant things in our lives and, sadly, we seem totally satisfied with that and even cause it ourselves.

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The Effect of Divorce on Technology

Threats are hiding in things which we hold close and trust blindly, in social media, in flagman devices, online trends, and routine techno habits. If you feel that your marriage is falling apart, look closer at the technological impact on your relationships and do your best to improve things between you and your partner.

1. Expensive Desires

Technologies are developing rapidly and leading brands are struggling to invent something new, better and more powerful. Gadget users are overwhelmed with the choice of technological goods and follow the trends to buy the newest iPhone, the fastest Internet, the eco-friendliest car. The interesting fact is that most users cannot afford to buy a new gadget, so, the get debts and go through financial difficulties in order to obtain the latest technological trend.

The research shows, that two-third of modern families have problems with finances due to expenses on modern devices, and usually, one family member is more obsessed with technological progress than the other one. It is obvious that financial difficulties are challenging for any family, and not everyone can stand it. This is a common reason for divorce in modern days.

2. Social Media Issues

Social media has become an inevitable part of our lives. We got used to experiencing all the important moments along with our followers sharing photos and posts. Socializing online often takes too many efforts, time and interest, so, we lose many things in real life by forgetting about them. Relationships, lacking attention and participation from one of the sides, can hardly stay alive. That is why social media can easily cause a marriage to fall apart.

  • Time-consumer – scrolling Facebook or Instagram takes much of free time. We deprive ourselves of live communication and spend less qualitative time with our partners. Such silent relationships lead to untold problems and dissatisfaction. Misunderstanding and hesitations are not discussed because you have no time for this and they grow into deep offense and thoughts about separation.
  • Online affairs – social media is a great possibility for those who have a tendency for infidelity. Social platforms can easily substitute dating websites an even married people can have an online affair without being revealed. This can be a serious threat to a happy marriage.
  • Virtual priority – in modern time things happening online are taken more seriously than real-life happenings. Like or comment posted by you under colleague’s photo can be taken by your partner as cheating and betrayal. Ambiguous statuses and posts can bring more arguments and challenges to family relationships. There are no guarantees that you can overcome it together.
  • Online proofs – posts, photos and messaging can be also used to get divorced with maximum benefits. Imagine, that your vulnerable photos and posts will be used as proofs in court against you. You will get lower chances of custody, spousal support, access, and other issues.

Overall, social media may seem a helpful communication tool and pleasant time-waster, yet it may hide real threats for your marriage and relationship. If you had some little cracks, get ready for relationships earthquake thanks to social platforms extensive use.

3. Social Life

With the appearance of new technological trends, our social life undergoes significant changes. Every going out is provided with a post on Facebook and photos on Instagram. Couples don’t go to the concert to relish favorite music, they don’t eat out for special occasions, the don’t walk around the town to spend time together. Everything is done only for one purpose, to share it in social media, to get more likes, comments, and followers. We don’t care anymore about real-life events, about the feeling we evoke in people who are always standing by. We only bother about our image online, the rate of our profiles, the number of followers. Such an obsession with online social activity kills our social life in real-time.

4. Lack of Intimacy

Being outrageous, rebellious, open-minded and sharing intimate things with publicity is far more popular than caring about your partner’s feelings and keeping secrets.

We easily share all intimate moments and private details with publicity. We don’t bother about the partner’s opinion, sharing information about “romantic evening just for two of us”, we spoil everything by inviting thousands of followers to share your romantic evening. We don’t have anything intimate anymore. And we can’t have, since even lying in bed with our beloved we are stuck to screens of TV sets or telephones. If nothing changes, marriages will fall apart or be unhappy together.

5. Save Your Love and Stay Together

Technologies may have a double-sided effect on family relationships. They may be helpful tools in everyday and special issues and can ruin everything at once as well. Everything depends greatly on you and your partner. You’d better mind, that physical and social needs should never stand higher than emotional and spiritual parts of your life. If you set the priorities correctly and can control the influence of technologies on your marriage, there is nothing to fear about. Yet, if you have some concerns, get qualitative help immediately not to let your marriage fall apart. Even some divorce platforms, such as OnlineDivorcer may be handy with useful tips and supportive articles. Put in all efforts to save your love and stay together.


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