You are here probably because you want to change the name your facebook fanpage that has above 200+ likes, some people say it’s not possible. This post was written to let you know how you’ll be able to change your fanpage that have over 200 likes.

At the end of this post I guess you’ll be able to do this yourself without the help of anybody, some friends of mine render this service and get some bucks from it, you too can get some bucks rendering this service.

It’s Okay! Here I’ll show you how I requested for a change of name on a facebook fanpage, and it was done within 14 days. Lets see….

Make sure you follow the below steps to get this done. If the steps are being followed correctly probably within 24 hours you’ll recieve a mail from facebook support in respect to the name change request. Then facebook would have to review your application.

It’s quite unfortunate that Nigeria is among those countries that are not been allowed to access this feature, If your country is blicklisted too, quickly follow the below steps before we proceed.

Firefox Browser Users:
You’ll have to download and install anonymous addon you can do that here. If you’ve installed it, you’ll see another tab at the top-right corner of your screen showing your ip address, simply click on the big X and mark Active and you are good to go. But if you find out that it is showing other countries ip address rather than US, simply click the X again and select any US IP.


Chrome Browser Users:
Search for a US ip address on Google, after you must have found it, go to Settings > Show advanced settings… > Network > Change Proxy Settings.

Chrome Setting

Under Proxy Server , simply tick the box and enter the US IP address and port you got from the Google search.

Either browser you are using, once you have completed this step and changed your ip to a US ip quickly restart your browser.

NOTE: If you don’t reside in a non-blacklisted country please skip the above step


  • A utility bill (well scaned or sharp snap). Nigerians can use Nepa Bill

How To Rename Your Facebook Fanpage With Over 200+ Likes

  • Login your facebook account that is an admin on the page you wish to rename
  • Goto ther page you wish to rename by clicking on the facebook page at the side bar or search for ther page through the facebook search feature
  • If you’ve found the page, click on Settings > Page Info.
  • FB Page Settings

  • Then change page category to Local Business and save.
  • Click on Address and change it to match with the address on the utility bill.
  • after you must have saved your address, click on Name > Request Change, A new page will open in another window, then tick “I understand the formatting guidelines for my page’s new name”. A drop-down menu will appear, select what Your Page Name Currently Represents.
  • Now click the box that says “I would still like to change my page name. I have documentation to demonstrate this change”.
  • Type in your desired name in the Desired Page Name box.
  • Now choose the reason why you want to change your page name.


    It’s preferable you select I am rebranding my page as the reason why you want to change your page name. Because if you don’t select the best reason for renaming your page name, your application may not be given due consideration or approved, it can also cause delay in renaming the page.
  • Facebook Page Change

  • Now it’s time to upload your Utility bill (Nepa bill). After successfully uploading, tick the two boxes below and Send.

Wow! You have done it all, within a few minutes you’ll receive a mail from Facebook support team in respect to your request to change page’s name.

An approval mail will be sent to you in two-three days time so that you can check your approval status. In this email, you’ll also be told when your page name changes would take effect.

How did yours go was there any error on the long run let us know.


  1. Hi Larry,
    Why rename the Fanpage in the first place? Why change the to proxy settings to achieve this?

    Why not forget the process if your country is blocked? Is this this process smart or sneaky?

    Please, I would appreciate my questions are answered. I am not too sure why this change is necessary!

    I have shared comment in where this post was found.

  2. Hello sunday,
    It’s good you asked a question, well let me give you an answer as requested. Some months ago, a friend of mine had to change the url of his blog, for some reasons best known to him, on doing that, his fanpage still had the name of the old domain name, so does it mean he’s going to start building a new fanpage? No ofcourse, he had to rename the page.

    I guess you’re now okay with why this change is neccessary.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi Frank,
      I appreciate your quick reply to my question. There are some online marketers that engage in sneaky methods and I am not surprised if they have to go to the stress of using proxy settings to achieve their aims.

      I am not against the change of name or url but I am advocating that these should be done without trying to game the system.

      I am of the opinion that we should do things without necessarily hiding our IP addresses!

    • Sunday,

      Form what reason should the feature be for some people alone, I think that’s discrimination.

      either way, we’ve just found a means to do things ourselves.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Hi Larry,

    Whats the need to change the name of your Facebook page?
    But still if people need to change then it may effect their brand name. Your readers know your page with your brand name and if you are going to change it then your readers will get away.
    But still you have explained it in a good manner.

    Great post indeed.

    Have a great day.:)


  4. Hi Larry

    This is a very useful post and it will help someone of course who just do not know how. If the option is available to rename or re-brand without loosing the fans/likes that you had before, by all means why not go with this method you have suggested?

    I had a similar situation some years ago where my brand focus changed and also I wanted to give the page the name that would identify with it, I ended up loosing the 276 likes I already had because I did not know how or that it was even possible to request of FB to merge both. I ended up just starting the new page and had to begin from scratch again to get likes.

  5. Hi Yvonne,
    It’s quite unfortunate that you lost over 200 likes due to ignorance, now this tutorial is live, I guess you’ll surely take advantage of it.

    Thanks for dropping a comment.

  6. Hi Larry,

    To be honest, this is pretty cool! Didn’t know about this and I really thought it was impossible 🙂

    Nonetheless, thanks for sharing and definitely sharing this tutorial around! Appreciate it.

  7. Hello Reginald,

    Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you like this tutorial and it would sure help you when you wanna re-brand or change any facebook page name for any reason.

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hello Larry
    Your post was awesome and self explanatory. That I can’t seem to imagine how you where able to make it so detailed and catchy.

    I’m Uche Francis a fellow Tech Blogger. And I Own==>>Techdavids. com. I have this group I’ve been running for sometime before creating my blog. Now I have about 900 members already in it. So I was wondering if there is actually a way to rename this group so as to make it my blogs official group. The Name is just too out of the picture. Thank you


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