GOtv Nigeria is a service provider that offers you access to television stations and channels from all across Africa. Watching television together as a family is a proven way to bring and keep a family together and that is why GOtv is your go-to tv for family entertainment and relaxation.


Being a television service, that is not free to air, you are prompted to pay a premium, in other to gain access to the awesome channels it features. After paying such premium payments, it is mandatory that you reset and activate payment. Though this process is done automatically by the GoTV, it sometimes requires manual effort to get it done. In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to reset and activate manually after payment.

How To Reset and Activate GoTV after Payment

Manual activation of GoTV after payment can be done in two ways, through GoTV website and through USSD codes on your mobile phone.

How To Reset and Activate GoTV after Payment Online


  1. On your internet-enabled device, visit
  2. Login your account, using your account number and surname
  3. On GoTV’s website, click the dialogue box ”clear your error”
  4. Click E16 error
  5. Click on reset device to reset and activate GoTV

How To Reset and Activate GoTV after Payment Using USSD Codes


  1. Dial *423# on any network
  2. Speak with a GoTV customer care representative and request for activation

If both methods do not work for you, you can proceed to call GoTV customer care number using 08039044688, you can also access their customer service on twitter and facebook using the handle name GoTV.

There you have it, a complete and comprehensive tutorial on how to reset and activate GoTV manually using GOTV’s website and USSD. Please follow the steps listed above meticulously to avoid stress.

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