Innjoo, though quite new in the mobile scene is now one smartphone company everyone is on the look out for in the Nigerian mobile industry. They have to decided to launch two new devices today of which the Innjoo Fire is one of them and I decided to share the specifications this device would feature as shared with us from the Innjoo team.

Fire offers exceptional value for its affordable price, and blows all other budget-concerned handsets out of water. With the just right size of 5 inch display, 2GB RAM and its special designed textures – Classic black, Milk white, Fashion gold and Natural Bamboo, Fire has plenty of usable features and good camera to ignite the passion of the new generation.

Here are images from the white and Classic black versions below.

Innjoo Fire White

Innjoo Fire Black

The official price of this device would be announced during the launch today. You can check the full specifications below.



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