Phone manufacturers are currently producing affordable smartphones, while still improving the quality and the Chinese mobile manufacturer, Meizu is no exception. They feature high-end specs and materials. Though they are a little bit more expensive than they use to be, that is justified by its premium quality.


The Meizu recently announced its latest flagship smartphone, the MX5, which arrives with a beautiful and sleek design. The MX5 was announced in June 2015 and also features lots of exciting features that we shall be discussing in detail.


The Meizu MX5 has a body designed with Aluminum-magnesium alloy. It also comes in White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple color variants.

This device hasn’t changed that much from the MX4, but have other notable changes like the volume rocker and the power button has been relocated to the right edge.

The metal body frame has a weight of 21 g, which is almost one-seventh the overall weight of the device.

At the back of this device, you will find the stereo speakers positioned at the bottom edge. The Fingerprint scanner is an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

The MX5 arrives with a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen and has a resolution of 1080p, and a 401 PPI. The made claims that the display on MX5 offers close to 90 degrees wide visual angle.

Relishing a full HD movie would’ve been really nice, but the battery drainage is another issue here.


The Meizu MX5 arrives with a massive 20.7MP for the primary camera and two tones LED Flash and laser aided-focus.

The module of the Meizu MX5 can take a video recording of up to 4K, so you can think of the camera module as its USP.

The menu button takes you straight to the control options available on the camera app. You can also tap the second icon from the left in the bottom row to allow you use the several effects, and you can also switch the camera to the front by tapping on the icon alongside the menu button.

The front camera is an Auto-focus module that allows you to change the focus object when taking captures from the front 5MP camera. It also has a large aperture of f/2.0 that allows the camera to capture photos instantly. It also comes with a FotoNation 2.0 which is an improved beautification feature.

The Meizu MX5 offers a recording with 100fps, we tested this and fell for it, at least the video quality was of 720p.


The Meizu MX5 runs on the Flyme OS 4.5 which is based on Android Lollipop 5.0.1 the operating system on this device has been greatly improved and won’t remind you of any kind of material design on the Lollipop OS.

The company made one physical button available in place of the capacitive buttons such as menu and back buttons. The physical button allows you to swipe right or left to go back or exit an app, and can also be used as a power ON/OFF button.

We are actually using the 16GB internal storage unit, meanwhile, there is around 10GB available for users, which was not able to meet our needs. The sad part about the storage is that it can not be expanded. The Meizu MX5 also comes with 1GB RAM, which simply means a lot of applications can still be opened and switch between them.


The Meizu MX5 ships in with a 3150mAh battery which you might think is a good battery life. When I first used this device, thought the battery all drained too fast as a result of my heavy usage, but as time goes on it dawned on me that the combination of Helios X10 and the 3150mAh capacity battery was not a perfect combination.

Apart from the basic power saver mode, which I think is the same as not having one around, there is no extreme mode available on the device.

But luckily for everyone, this device comes with a Quick Charging technology. The Quick charging promises 25% of charge within 10 minutes and will offer you up to 60% charge within 40 minutes.

Meizu MX5 Price

The Meizu MX5 comes with a price tag of about 322 USD which is equivalent to 116,700 Naira in Nigerian currency. You can also purchase this device from most online stores that are in your region or any Meizu distribution outlet.


The Meizu MX5 is a major improvement over its predecessor the Meizu MX4. This device offers high-end specifications at an affordable price.


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