The S6 Edge plus is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gone bigger, with a 5.7″ display as opposed the 5.1″ found on the former.
This device still boasts of the sloppy sides as you would have guessed from the name, and still retains the same glass and metal combination as before.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus Review

We definitely know that this Edge plus has same processor and many other features (camera inclusive) matching the specs of the original S6 Edge, but one thing this device has been designed for is to out-speed other devices you must have known. Packed with a 4GB makes it pretty fast a device to handle.

When I say it’s fast to handle, it doesn’t translate to the ease at physically handling the device. The sloppy corner as you know makes it difficult to easily pick the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devices from a flat table surface. The super glass finish also does collect huge fingerprint from any hand holding it.

Other things you would love is that the slide in Contact shortcut now has been enabled for Application shortcuts. You can review the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus below. You can also make use of the link to purchase this device.



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