It is no longer a secret that the Chinese phone manufacturers are currently one of those in the front seat in the fast lane when it comes to smartphone innovation, development, hardware, and designs. And one of the typical examples is VIVO.

VIVO, earlier this year manufactured and released one of the world’s first genuine all-screen smartphone, which is the VIVO NEX. The company later launched another X series handset, the VIVO X21, which was known for featuring both amazing camera and a great fingerprint sensor. Launching new models of the smartphone is now the trend for all smartphone manufacturers and VIVO is not an exception. VIVO on the 6th of September, launched their annual flagship, the VIVO X23.

There are many things that have been changed, VIVO flagships no longer feature the latest Qualcomm chips. Though, they arrive with lots of innovations when it comes to the appearance, AI and different functions. Just keep reading to discover all the selling points of the VIVO X23.


As a result of the introduction of innovative glass bodies, lots of smartphones are now more artistic. There are currently few monotones back panels featured on smartphones. They now use the gradient effect and VIVO was actually one of the first smartphone manufacturing company to move in that direction.

The new product from VIVO, the VIVO X23 still feature the same technology. The smartphone’s fulsage at different angles of light shows different colors and this creates a rich color expression.

The fuselage is decorated with a double-sided glass body structure. At the front is seated a 2.5D glass, while the back features a 3D glass. The device’s middle frame is visually lighter because it has become narrower.

The front side of the VIVO X23 comes with a completely different look from the previous one. The VIVO X23 comes with a drop screen, that is 6.41 inches and has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.  The OLED screen which also supports the DCI-P3 wide color gamut has a resolution of 1080 x 2340.

In other to make the front side align with the back panel, the front feature only two openings, which is the earpiece and the front camera sensor.

The thickness of the middle frame has been improved, coupled with the packaging technology that is featured at the bottom of the screen, they all came together to deliver a perfect alignment between the back panel and the screen. VIVO X23 carefully considered the colors that are featured on the border of the screen and perfectly merged them. Also, those four R-angles of the screen matches the R-angles that is on the fuselage, coupled with the curvature of the water droplets.

Currently, all the latest VIVO smartphones now arrive with the Ovi Smart Assistant in the system. That is to say that, there is now an addition of a dedicated ‘AI’ button that is positioned at the left side of the fuselage. While at the right side is seated the power button and the volume rocker.

According to the official data, the VIVO X23 top border is 2.15mm, while the right and left borders are 1.76mm, meanwhile, the lower border is 3.8mm and finally, the screen ratio of this device is 91.2%.

The position of the 3.5mm headphone jack has been changed is now at the top, while the SIM card tray is positioned at the bottom. The VIVO X23 has an inbuilt storage of 128GB and sadly, the VIVO X23 doesn’t support any TF memory card expansion. The VIVO X23 comes in only two color varieties, which is the Phantom Violet and the Magic Night Blue.


The VIVO X20 introduced new fields in the history of smartphone photography with its advantageous backlighting and clear photo production. But, the current VIVO smartphone, the VIVO X23 features an upgraded version of the VIVO X20’s kind of camera setup. The VIVO X23 is actually the first model to be equipped with an amazing technology and that is the ‘Super HDR’ technology.

This new device comes with a dual camera; 13MP for ‘125° wide-angle shots and a 12MP camera sensor both the back and the front, and the 12MP that is both in the back and front are all accompanied with full pixel dual-core focusing technology, that is capable of achieving 24MP resolution. The main camera at the back uses the Sony IMX363 sensor to provide a F/1.8 aperture, while the front features a F/2.0 aperture.

The VIVO 23 camera provides you with detailed images when shots are taken during the day. Also taking indoor photos are relatively great and comes with a slight brightening effect.

If you want to use the ‘125° Super Wide Angle Camera’ function all you have to do is Click on the ‘Super Wide Angle’ on the camera interface or you can decide to use the ‘Two Finger Zoom’ to switch over.


The VIVO X23 houses the Funtouch OS 4.0 system and it is based on Android 8.1 along with its deep customization which has not changed much in the operational logic or the visual experience. The Funtouch has also been able to integrate lots of useful functions into the system.

Just like the AI button on the VIVO NEX that is used to activate Jovi smart voice assistant, and carry out other functions that are AI related, the VIVO X23 also comes with something just like that, but the difference here is that the one featured on the VIVO X23 is fully upgraded to provide you with better functions and experience.

VIVO said that the VIVO X23 now features the ‘Twin Turbo Acceleration Engine’ function, that enables a stable operation of the device in daily use and games too, and this can be achieved through the game system acceleration engine and VIVO acceleration engine. There is also an interconnection that exists between the hardware and the software in other to achieve a comprehensive, acceleration of performance, systematic improvement, network, standby, heat dissipation.

VIVO at the beginning of the year was able to officially make the screen fingerprint sensor technology available on different models of their smartphones. The VIVO X23 comes with the fourth generation of this technology and luckily it is the upgraded version of it, which results in a safer and faster fingerprint unlocking experience. In short, the unlocking efficiency has been greatly improved.

The VIVO X23 comes with an 8 GB RAM that will also ensure for a great performance, and it doesn’t just end there, this device also comes with an internal storage of 128 GB, which is sadly not expandable via micro SD card.


The VIVO X23 comes with a 3400mAh battery, which VIVO said will be able to provide us with up to 2 days of normal use or 6 hours of heavy use.

Other Features

  • FM ~ Yes,
  • 3.5mm Jack ~ Yes,
  • Expandable storage ~ N0
  • Colors ~ Phantom Purple, Magic Night, Phantom Red

VIVO X23 Price

The VIVO X23 can be purchased from VIVO smartphone distributors or some online store that are in your region and it will cost you 500 EUR which is about $567 (N206,700)


Though the VIVO X23 may not have arrived with lots of changes in appearance, at least it features most of the major flagship designs, like the drop screen, and also arrived with the fourth generation on-screen fingerprint sensor. To cut the long story short, the VIVO X23 is now smarter and a lot convenient to use.


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