Gaming can be quite an expensive hobby – with consoles ranging in the hundreds of dollars and gaming computers can easily hit thousands of dollars, plus new games cost about $60 and more, it’s easy to spend over $1,000 in a single year on gaming. However, gaming should not be your ultimate bank breaker. Instead, you can employ a couple of strategies to save hundreds – if not thousands – on games, allowing you to spend more money on things that really matter – or even acquiring new games!

Here are four clever ways of saving the money you spend on gaming to not only keep you clothed and fed, but also enable you to hang out with real friends after a particularly scorching gaming session. Address the elephant in the room, your hard-earned, raw dollars!

Buy Used

This sounds like an obvious strategy, but it’s one that will make a huge difference – if you are purchasing a recently released game, you might save up to $20. If the game has been out for quite a while, you will save even much more. If you look in the right places, you can possibly get an Xbox One or PS4 for not more than $20 at Craigslist, Amazon and eBay.

However, implementing this strategy requires patience, as new games do not hit the used market very fast. Plus, it will take even longer for the prices to go down to a reasonable level. Nevertheless, the patience you practice will be rewarded with significant savings – tough as it is, it’s worth it!

Once you’ve purchased and played your used game, it’s always a good idea to sell it to someone – not only will you put some money back in your pocket, but you will also help others to save money on gaming as well. The same place you bought your game is also a great platform to sell them. While you may not make all the money back, but even if you end up raking in $20, it’s a great deal on a game.

Purchase Bundles

This mainly applies to the PC market, but you’ll also find game bundles for consoles as well. Humble Bundles is a great example. The system offers developers that make game packs a place to sell them to you – $1 minimum for steam keys – and the money goes to things like game development – where OOPs Concepts in Java is still an important part of, charities of their choice and the Humble Bundle Site.

Game Deals on the Web

When you know where to look, you are likely to find great game offers. A few sites will help you keep track of video games like Daily Game Deals and Cheap Ass Gamer, and they include things like sales on tech items, games and consoles. If you are still using Steam, you will find some great deals on games that include bundles and sales.

Another good option is Good Old Games that hosts occasional sales that you can browse via their website or clients like Galaxy. Do not forget to check out Is There Any Deal, which gives you an option to explore deals on any console or game you are looking for. If you’re desperate for that new game, purchasing it during the holidays is an excellent means of saving big on stores like Target and Best Buy.

Free Games at Memberships

Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus offer you free games every month with subscription services. You will likely find rare major, big game titles, but you will be able to pick on a few along the way. Moreover, you’ll get lots of money’s worth of free games.



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