With the increasing efforts to drive Search Engine traffic, experts have come up with some great strategies, which truly are bearing fruits. The inclusion of SEO content marketing into the field is one of the most effective methods that have helped website owners and bloggers to enjoy rising traffic to their sites thus translating into increase in sales and revenue. Content marketing strategy is basically tailored towards creating awareness to the audience using appealing content that helps to boost genuine search engine rankings and revenue.

seo content marketing strategythe builds traffic

However, bloggers should understand the best strategies that could help make their SEO content marketing strategy successful, as not all content will bring the desired results. Poor quality, disinteresting and thin content is not effective in this campaign and therefore should be avoided at all cost. To increase your traffic therefore, the following factors should be considered when creating quality content for SEO marketing.

Consider your audience

When launching your SEO content marketing campaign, you will need to think objectively and this will help you come up with the right content. There are numerous questions that you should answer and doing so will help you know what content will be successful in your campaign. First, you will need to consider the demographics of your audience. Are you targeting local or international audience? How do you intend to use the content? Is it to generate social sharing? Is it to attract links or increase traffic? Answering these questions will be helpful as you come up with a vibrant SEO content marketing strategy that will increase your traffic.

Consider the relevant information that is required

Everyday, millions of web content materials are launched in the internet and this simply means that there is a sea of information out there. For you to make an impact therefore, you will need to choose your topic carefully if at all you will make any headway. Seek to understand how your content will benefit the audience and what specific information they might be looking for, otherwise your work will be unproductive. You can use a number of metrics to come up with unique content and these include tools such as Google Adword keyword tool and Google trend among others.

Choose the right target keywords

Once you have selected the topic to write about, the next thing will be to choose the right keywords which will help drive more traffic to your site. Remember that you have a big number of competitors in your niche and therefore you have to choose keywords that will dominate. Targeted keywords help in shaping the SEO content thus making your marketing to succeed or flop. Google Adwords is one of the most helpful tools if you want to know the search volume for different keywords. Additionally, you can use Google Analytics account to know what kind of content the audience is landing on and this will help you tailor your marketing content around the same style.

SEO marketing content can be made richer and more effective by adding graphics and this is something to consider. However, there is no doubting that this is one of the most effective ways that you should consider if you want to generate more traffic to your website.


  1. Hi Oscar,
    This is my first visit to your site and I’ve seen that you’re really doing well here. Please keep it up man :).

    SEO is really what any serious blogger should give more efforts to, its a very wide topic which takes time to fully understood yet, its not a rocket science and anyone that really puts his mind in it can learn it. I’m sure this post will help a lot other bloggers to learn more about SEO.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Theodore,
      I’m glad you liked the article. SEO is a must do if you really want to stand the test of time in this blogosphere. Anyway, thanks for your compliment and contribution. I hope to seeing more of your comments on this blog.


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