Google Penguin updates are much feared and many sites that have been hit by the Google algorithm changes, take a long time to recover. The smarter ones bounce back faster, once they understand the new algorithms and what those search engines are looking for.

seo mistakes to avoid

However, there are still some SEO teams who keep on making the same SEO mistakes and do not learn from their past follies. It can be a long way to recovery if one is not careful. The good news is that if we avoid these common mistakes, recovery can be faster and it will be easier to woo those search engines. The truth is that Panda and Penguin updates have pushed us closer to the basics and the fundamentals have become more important than before.

To begin with, shake off that old attitude and stop blaming Google. We hate it when we see those rankings tumbling downwards, but it is time to brace up and look for the real problems. Identify exactly when you lost the positioning precisely. It is time to follow a more natural approach and get rid of those previous mistakes. When thinking about your SEO efforts, stay clear of some of the common mistakes we all tend to make and put those efforts in the right direction.

Here are some of the most common mistakes seen by SEO experts even after being hit by the Google Penguin.

Overuse of Keywords

Just focus on one or two keywords per page and stress more on the info being given on the page. Loading your page with keywords is not attractive to the search engines anymore. Penguin doesn’t like it, so it is time you stopped overusing keywords.

Ignoring Alt tags

If you are still underestimating the importance of image, you are making a big mistake here. Images look pretty, but minus the alt tag, Google will hardly notice them. So, start including Alt tags in all your images from now on.

Overlooking HTML Issues

Not focusing on the H1 is like creating a book without a title. This is the main heading of your page and should describe what is precisely on the page. Make appropriate use of all HTML tags as each has a definite purpose.

Low Quality Back links

External links are very important and getting relevant backlinks from professional sites is even more important. Earn links organically and naturally. When it comes to links, weed out the low quality links.

Penguin 2.0 is here not to terrorize you, but only to raise the quality of your website. It is time you stopped making these age old mistakes or using black hat tactics.  Follow the right SEO strategies. It may take longer and more efforts to reach where you want, but it will be worth it. Your website will be much more stable than before and no longer afraid of those penguin updates. Get an SEO audit done by a professional

Google will mercilessly slap any site that tries to tame its algorithms in any way. So keep away from making those mistakes. What are your contributions? Let us know using the comment box below.


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