An FTP account which fully stands for File Transfer Protocol account is used for the uploads and management of files on any web hosting server. Once you purchase any webhosting plan with cPanel, the cPanel login details is all you need to login to the server via an FTP client like Filezilla.

How to setup an FTP account using cPanel

In this brief tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how you can easily create other FTP accounts from cPanel if need be using the FTP account management tool that comes bundled with most webhosts cPanel interface.

Procedures to Creating An FTP Account Using cPanel

1. Login to your cPanel dashboard.

2. Locate FTP Accounts in the files section and click on it.

locate ftp accounts

3. When the new page fully loads, enter the username you wish to use, the password, retype password and click on Create FTP Account.

ftp created

And that’s it. Quite easy to create an FTP account from cPanel’s interface. I hope you found this helpful.

Image 1:


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