Over the years, the definition of a modern bank has gone beyond being a bank with modern computers, beautifully structured buildings and furniture. A modern bank is now being measured according to the ease the bank gives it customers when it comes to spending the money in their account.

Skye bank

One if the daily needs that warrant us to spend our money, is the need for airtime on our mobile phones, that allows us to make calls and access the internet.
Seeing that lot of customers usually withdraw money for airtime purchase, Skye bank has developed a service that allows their customers to purchase airtime directly from their account without having to withdraw the money before purchase.

In this article, I am going to be giving a comprehensive tutorial, on how to purchase airtime on your phone as well as purchasing airtime for phone numbers not registered with Skye bank using your phone.

Why Should You Use Skye Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Using the Skye bank recharge code to purchase airtime as a Skye bank customer, is more than just choice, it’s a necessity, it protects you from all the stress that purchasing airtime from a retailer will give.
The Skye bank recharge code allows you to purchase airtime from the four major network providers in Nigeria (MTN GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel). With it’s simpled interface, recharging with Skye bank recharge code service, is no hassle at all.

How To Use Polaris (Skye) Bank Recharge code To Recharge Phone Line

The procedure used in purchasing airtime using Skye bank recharge code is nothing to be worried about, it is as simple as dialing a special USSD code and Navigating properly.
But before you can make use of the Skye bank recharge code, there are some requirements:

  • You must have Skye bank account
  • You must have linked the phone number with the Skye bank account you created.
  • You must have sufficient funds in your account

After you might have met these requirements, the next step will be for you to proceed to purchase airtime using Skye bank recharge code.
With Skye bank recharge code, you can recharge lines registered with them as well as lines not registered.

Recharging your Registered line via Polaris (Skye) Bank Recharge USSD

To recharge your line,

  • Dial *833*amount#
  • Or
  • Dial *833#

Recharging Other Lines via Polaris (Skye) Bank Recharge USSD

  • Dial *833*amount*phone number#
  • Or
  • Dial *833#

Note: with Skye bank, the maximum amount of airtime you can purchase using the recharge code in a day is 5000 Naira.

There you have it. The step by step guide to easily buy or purchase airtime using the Skye Bank Airtime Recharge Code via USSD. Hope you did find this post helpful. Feel free to share with your family and friends.

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