Skye bank mobile banking is a service which Skye bank uses to express its ability to render a modern approach to banking. With Skye bank mobile banking system, customers are assured of a faster and more convenient system of banking. One more to know is the fact that Skye Bank has recently rebranded to Polaris Bank and so we’ll be using the name Polaris in this article and that shouldn’t bring about any confusion when talking about Polaris Money Transfer Code.

Transferring funds, paying bills and keeping track of your account balance has entered a new dimension of operation.


In this article, I am going to be giving comprehensive details on the benefits of Skye bank mobile banking, the procedure to making fund transfer using Skye bank mobile banking and procedure to checking your account balance with Skye bank mobile banking.

Benefits Of Polaris (Skye) Bank Mobile Money Transfer

  • You can transfer money directly from your mobile phone
  • The whole process is secured with a special PIN
  • This service runs 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week
  • No need for any internet connection
  • This service works on all mobile phones
  • You can transfer up to 500,000 Naira per day
  • Instant notification after every transaction

How To Transfer Money Using Polaris (Skye) USSD Transfer Code

As promised, in this section I will discuss how to go about making inter and intra funds transfer using Skye bank USSD.

Learning how to make use of Skye bank USSD transfer code service, isn’t something to be too bothered about, it is a very easy and basic thing to learn, all it requires from you is to input the right USSD code need to carry out fund transfer.

Transferring funds using Skye Bank USSD Code

To make inter and intra bank funds transfer using Skye bank USSD code:

  • Dial *833*amount*account number#
  • Follow prompts
  • Or
  • Dial *833#
  • Select 6
  • Enter Account Number
  • Enter 4 digit PIN
  • Enter Amount
  • Click Send

Note: transferring funds between two Sky bank Accounts, will cost you 10.50 Naira with value-added tax included.
Transferring funds from Skye Bank to other banks will attract a fee of 52.50 Naira.

How To Check Account Balance Using Polaris Skye Bank USSD

To check your account bank using Skye Bank USSD:

  • Dial *833*6#
  • Follow screen prompts

This guide is all you need to utilize Skye bank mobile banking service, follow it from top to bottom and you should be able to make use of the service without breaking a sweat.

Hope you love this article on how to make money transfer using the Polaris Bank Transfer Code from your mobile.

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  1. well this is because you cancel your transaction without completing what you are doing to remove this just bail *883# then press e and send this will help exit your pending transaction

  2. Hello, I have the code *833*6# to check my account balance and it’s saying invalid MMI code..
    Sure this code works, tried doing transfer too, same default message.

  3. Please Polaris bank, we are expecting our stipend since last week all banks have paid their customers why is Polaris bank different ? npower

  4. Please after going through all the process of transferring money.I always stall on last four digits.I’ve tried all the secret pin I have but its not working pls I need help

  5. I tried to transfer on my phone, but I was told to enter my 4 digits pin. After entering it was saying invalid MM code. Which one is 4 digits pun then? It’s good for Polaris to improve in its services. It isn’t like that in other banks that I’m using.

  6. This bank is terrible. After pressing all my secret pin numbers to transfer, they now block my pin numbers. I have to close my account with you.

  7. The service of Polaris is not effective at all. After rejecting my money transfer to another bank thrice by saying invalid MMM code, my pin code was blocked.I think this is the high time I close my account with you.

  8. The service of Polaris bank is not effective at all. After rejecting my money transfer to another bank thrice by saying invalid MMM code and my pin code was blocked. I think this the high time I close my account with you.

  9. Polaris Transfer Code is operation serve yourself. what you need is just to dial*833*amount*benefiary Account No and then press # on any phone then follow instruction quickly. it really worked for me.

  10. Comment:pls I need help from polaries bank Pls help me I can’t do transfer to other banks they have already blocked my last 4digit pin Pls I will I reset my pin

  11. Good day,i am not happy with your services,i opened an acct with u people last year march 2918, but till today I have not gotten any alert, I complained some weeks ago and was asked to fill a form which I did and I was told it would start working from next week but till today I still can get alert. If you people ain’t ready to satisfy customers need then I think I should withdraw my money back and close my acct with Polaris bank.

  12. I haven’t been able to use the USSD code. It always saying invalid code. It does not work for me… I urgently need to transfer money into another bank account. Can’t visit any bank,no transport. Please it’s urgent.


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