We’ve all at one point or the other hailed the birth of SSDs due to their speed over the HDD counterparts and also the ability to draw less power while in use, but now recent discoveries show that retaining data over an extended period of time on this version of drives could be considered gambling with your files.

A recent presentation by Cox of JEDEC Solid State Technology Association shows basic performance requirements for both consumer and enterprise SSDs. The presentation stated clearly that consumer SSDs, when powered-off in 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), should retain data for about a year.


Inflating those temperature figures by just 5 degree Celsius would reduce the retention time by half. Now worst of all is that if you store your SSD data in 131 degree heat, you might start losing data after a couple of days.

SSD temperature retention table

This might not affect consumers who make use of their SSDs on a daily basis. But if you think of storing your data using an SSD over a long period of time, then you stand the chance of loosing your data soon. Now you know, you can also try to sell or buy any computer accessory at Lagos.JiJi – Free classifieds in Nigeria.


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