Sterling bank USSD ( unstructured supplementary service) is a system that powers Sterling bank mobile money service, a service that allows Sterling bank customers to carry out bank transactions directly from their mobile phone.

Sterling bank

This system of mobile banking is synonymous with lot of modern banks. In this article, I am going to be stating the benefits of using Sterling bank mobile banking, explaining the procedure of making mobile money transfer and explaining how to use Sterling bank mobile money service to check your account balance.

Benefits Of Sterling Bank Mobile Money Transfer

The benefits of the Sterling bank mobile money transfer system is wrapped around giving customers an easy system of banking, that eliminates the stress of going to the bank.

  • Money Transfers can be carried out without going to the ATM
  • You can transfer money directly from your mobile phone
  • The whole process is secured with a special PIN
  • This service runs 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week
  • No need for any internet connection
  • This service works on all mobile phones
  • You can transfer up to 100,000 Naira per day
  • Instant notification after every transaction

How To Transfer Money Using Sterling USSD Transfer Code

Before you can make a successful mobile money transfer with Sterling bank USSD, you should be aware that you will need to create an authentication pin, you should know the different USSD codes that are applied in making intra and inter sterling bank transfers. All this will be explained in this section.

How To Register Sterling Mobile Money Service

To Register on this service simply,

  • Dial *822*account number#
  • Follow Prompts

Transferring money from one sterling bank account to another Sterling Bank account

  • Dial *822*4*amount*account number#
  • Follow prompts

To Transfer money from  Sterling bank to other banks

  • Dial *882*5*amount*account number#

Note The Following

  • Transferring funds from one Sterling bank account to another Sterling bank account, you will be charged a fee of 25 Naira with value-added taxes included.
  • Transferring funds from Sterling bank to other banks, you will be charged a fee of 50 Naira with value-added taxes included.
  • You can only make transfers of 50,000 Naira per transaction

How To Check Account Balance Using UBA Bank USSD

  • Dial *822#
  • Follow Prompts

Note: Checking your account balance with Sterling bank money service will attract a free of 10 Naira.

As seen above, the Sterling bank mobile money transfer service is very easy to use, all it requires from you is basic knowledge of all the USSD code assigned to different functions. Master them and you are on your way to enjoying an easy banking lifestyle. Hope you love this post.

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