Who says there is no benefit to updating your blog daily and that you can post on your blog once in every week and still obtain same result? Well that could be working for those who have worked over a long time in the blogosphere such as John Chow and are now reaping their result from over the years but it would not definitely not be the same situation for a Newbie and still growing blogger.

benefits of updating your blog regularly

Considering the fact that you started a new blog, you need to update it regularly so as to build a readership of loyal readers and fans, which is your greatest asset as a blogger. I’ll outline 5 reasons in this article why you really need to update your regularly, the benefits to this practice and i guess you would sure embrace the idea.

5 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Blog Regularly

1. Search Engine Ranking and Indexing

The truth about the whole issue of search engine rankings in related to your posting frequency, take it or leave it. I love writing from experience, search engines do not send traffic to a dead website were activities do not take place, also the more frequent you make posts on your blog, the faster your blog articles get indexed. This is one super benefit of updating your blog regularly.

Try as much as possible to improve in your posting frequency and you would sure see a huge difference and it’s positive effect on your blog in ranking and indexing.

2. Builds Readership Trust

One thing you need to realize is, the more often you update your blog, the more your are building the trust people have for your blog as an authority blog. Gaining readership trust can take a lot of time, but with effective posting frequency, your readers are left with no other option than to become faithful followers and readers of your blog articles.

This in turn gets you regular return visitors and also builds an increased traffic for your blog. Isn’t this great?

3. Boosts Your Alexa Rank

No matter what you know about Alexa improvements and so on, the simple theory is, the more traffic you get to your blog, the higher the probability of getting a visitor who uses the Alexa Toolbar and in turn this would boost your Alexa Rank. Traffic plays a vital role to an improved Alexa Rank and frequently updating your blog is a key to increased traffic and also increased Alexa Ranking for your blog’s URL.

4. More Advertising Opportunities

If you are a blogger that updates his/her blog regularly and built a community around your blog as a result, you would be amazed at the rate at which advertisers would contact you for advert spots. Moreover, apart from satisfying your readers, your next objective of running a blog is to make money blogging. A frequent blog update bring such awesome opportunities your way.

5.  Builds You a Successful Blog

I remember writing an article earlier on about building a successful blog, you can see the link below. Regularly posting on your blog is a sure way to build a successful blog, it improves your  Alexa, Traffic, Readership, reader engagement and most of all earns you more, so what more can you think makes a successful blog apart from this. Building a regular blogging routine is a sure way to becoming a successful blogger.


If you as a blogger try as much as possible to frequent post articles on your blog, you not only build a successul blog and brand, you also build yourself as an authority in your niche and also earn more money blogging. Hope you start implementing this regular blog update strategy to your blogging skills.
Happy Blogging.



  1. This is a good piece of encouragement for we the upcoming bloggers. I’m really glad I came across this article today. Thanks a million times.

  2. Hi Oscar,

    Nice post and I liked all your reasons as to why we should update our blog regularly 🙂

    Besides the reasons you mentioned, I think most importantly, we are committed to ourselves and then to our readers – and we must do everything in our power to follow a schedule and post regularly.

    Speaking of myself, earlier my posting schedule was once a week as being a professional writer, I do have lots of writing to catch up with. However, when I saw the response to my posts and the interactions building up, and knew I could manage more than one post a week – I made it to twice a week. Not only that, we also need to set a fixed date and if possible, even time, so that our readers don’t wait for our posts, because some of my readers start sending me messages if they don’t see a new post on the days I post, which are every Tuesday’s and Friday’s. So , it’s kind of nice. 🙂

    Yes indeed, the alexa ranking and search etc. all of that increases on it’s own. The more regular you are, the better it is, though I wouldn’t recommend to posting more than thrice a week, or twice is still better so that your readers at least have a chance to visit and absorb what you’ve written.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  3. Hello Oscar,
    I love your tips, they are spot on. Success is what we strive for and posting regularly can surely boost your online presence and as well as reputation. Thanks

  4. Great points you got there.
    However, the frequency you need to update your blogs really depends on your site niche. If it’s a news niche, just one article per day is really not enough. Does people only read an article in local newspaper? No.

    On the other hand, if your niche is about tutorials or tips, one article per day is succifient.

  5. Hi Oscar,
    I must say a very vice post Oscar.
    All the points that you have mentioned in your post are highly useful and appropriate.
    Thanks for sharing the post.


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