Minecraft is one of the most popular video games on planet earth. The captivating creation/survival game that left Microsoft no choice but to purchase for 2.5 million USD has now sold over 154 million copies. Sometime in the past, Minecraft’s monthly user base was over 91 million players. Markus Persson probably didn’t know the monster of a game he was creating when he began the process years ago.

Although this game is widely known and universally played, you might find it incredible, but there are still some important things that users do not know about it. Here is our list of some of the key information that might’ve eluded you about your favorite game:

1. The Creeper Was An Error

Believe it or not but that tall and narrow figure in the game was a mistake. The coding was intended to develop a short and fat creeper. The developers decided to leave it like that rather than fixing the error.

2. It Was An Educational Requirement For A Swedish School

Yes, what you read is correct. A school in Stockholm made the game a requirement for 13-year-old kids. The management of the educational institution saw it as a means of developing their creativity and problem-solving skills.

3. The Landscape Could’ve Been Better

If you noticed, gamers walking far distances allows the landscape to begin to crumble and deform. It was a math-related fault but the developers decided to ignore it since they never imagined that users would wander that far.

4. Water Buckets Have An Alternative

If a gamer needs water and for one reason or the other, can’t make use of the water buckets, some cauldrons fill up after heavy rain and it can be used as a substitute.

5. It Was Almost Called Cave Game

Markus Persson almost gave Minecraft another name other than what it is known as today. And that was “Cave Game.” Not so many gamers will prefer that to its current name is all I’ll say.

6. The Minecraft World Is Limited

Some people might disagree because gamers thought that since it only rendered the current chunk you are in, that means it would keep creating more worlds through one means or another. Notch, however, cleared things up.

He said the world does have a limit and reaching that point would take its toll on rendering. Youtubers dedicated channels to investigating that.

7. Denmark Is In Love With The Game

I talked about Sweden adding it to their school requirement, but Denmark did more. The country wused it to drive tourism. Two men also made a scale replica of an entire country inside the world of Minecraft. They achieved this amazing feat in Denmark 4 years ago.

8. Lego Inspired Minecraft

Rumour had it that Markus Persson stole the idea of Lego’s famous bricks during his game’s development. Markus immediately came out to debunk it, saying Infiniminer, Rollercoaster, Tycoon influenced him e.t.c

As fate would have it, one of Lego’s games – Worlds Video Game was directly inspired by Minecraft.

9. The Sand Has A Soul

This soul and could be used creatively to create a one-way door. Soul sand is so cool that when it is placed in front of a 1*2 doorway, walking through it is possible. Soul sand is tricky exits.

10. Twitter Was Involved In Minecraft’s Sale To Microsoft

Many people keep wondering about how the sale to Microsoft came to be. It turns out that Twitter played a significant role. Notch began a bidding war with one tweet. The respected developer simply stated that he wanted 2 billion dollars to move on from the game and the rest is history. Let’s just say Microsoft saw the tweet.

To everyone who just played the game but did not know these facts about it, well, now you know.


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