Javascript is actually the lord of programming languages. As you learn to code, you will find out just how versatile it is. It works on lots of platforms and devices including IoT. Developers that already use it can attest to the fact that it does the job in such a classy manner. For a deeper knowledge of this web language, let’s check out 20 interesting javascript facts you probably didn’t know about.

javascript facts

1. WebAPI

Javascript has evolved. One proof of that is the remarkable WebAPI. It provides a rich variety of functionality, from DOM manipulation to notifications. Battery preservation to WebSockets. Camera functionality, SMS, telephony, Bluetooth and several others. The WebAPI caters for all that and more.

2. It Retired jQuery

Several websites still load the entire jQuery library, but many feel it is not needed anymore since JavaScript came on the scene. Javascript supports all things. You will be shocked if you felt jQuery is the only way to easily do and undo with the DOM. JavaScript is a better all-round performant.

3. Websites

Okay this one is obvious. When Brendan Eich invented Javascript in 1995, he intended to include interactivity and behavior to websites that lacked it. Presently, websites still use it for just that. Almost every modern website is running JavaScript one way or the other.

4. Web Applications

The way PCs and browsers have continued to improve is the way creation of web apps have been boosted too. Apps like Google Maps, as amazing as it is, is benefiting from Javascript.

5. Presentations

One famous use of JavaScript is to come up with presentations as websites. As long as you know what HTML and CSS are all about, the RevealJS library can be accessed to make Powerpoint and Keynote feel useless.

6. Smart Watches

Wearable smartwatches like Pebble run applications developed with JavaScript. In actual fact, they developed Pebble.js which is a little JavaScript framework to assist developers to build apps for Pebble’s line of smartwatches. Alpha WatchBench also uses JavaScript to aid developers to build iOS apps for Apple Watch.

7. You Can Use It To Make A Coffee

In one of the more vital developments in JavaScript-enabled devices, Caffeine-4-Me is a program that is written in JavaScript, that interacts with a hardware controller to enable or disable a coffee pot via a website interface.

8. You Can Use Javascript To Control A Robot

Yes, your JavaScript knowledge can be used to do and undo with a robot. NodeBots is a community of programmers and robot lovers who come together at a worldwide event and hack robots via Javascript. How fun is that?

9. Chatbox

Chatbots are the future in marketing and interactive technology. I mean, multitudes are on a chat app. We probably have seven installed on our phones right now.

Botpress is a framework used in the creation and management of chatbots using javascript. In addition, just about all the chatbot-as-a-service products make use of standard web protocols, telling u that javascript has been solving problems for a while.

10. Image Galleries

Image galleries are a massive way to flaunt previous or present work to attract attention and help boost engagement in every form. The kinds of images should be according to your visitors on the site. Whether you are using an easy slideshow with accompanying information or a more complex Pinterest board, there are several ways that JavaScript can help add images on all websites.

11. Content Customization

With this, you no longer have to open an envelope that is for a “Tenant” when your complete name can be clearly written. Have you ever been told to download an app when you check out website on your iOS device? Or did your keywords get listed after tapping a search link? Javascript makes all this happen.

Personalization is key nowadays and this simple fact makes this feature very vital via Javascript.

12. Javascript Is Simple To Learn

Some people say even when you have been a Javascript developer for years, you might still have zero knowledge about the basics of the programming language. But that is not the case, It is quite easy to learn compared to other languages, provided you make up your mind to know what it is about. There are lots of ways to achieve this. The world’s most famous online coding boot camp, free code camp, can help with that, the BIG community by StackOverflow, IRC rooms can render that assistance too. As soon as you know the basics, everything falls into place after that.

13. Employment Is Guaranteed

It is pretty much one of the most sought after skills right now and the number of proper Javascript Developers in the world today is kinda small. This is massive opportunity to get a decent job after learning Javascript and being really good at it.

14. It Can Develop Games

Knowing Javascript well enough can make you a professional game developer. HTML5 and Javascript games can be made. All you require is the right concept, the kind of game that will keep your target market entertained, and you are good to go.

15. Make Your Personal Blog

With Javascript, you do not have to depend on blogging platforms to sustain your blog. No one is even sure anymore as the sites could shut down before i finish typing this. This can make you lose all your posts. But with your personal blog, you get to host your blogs personally and control their lifespan.

16. Better Knowledge Of Your Browser

Javascript is the go-to language of the web, and that tells you your browser has it too. You get to manipulate your browser without having to set up environments and coe editors, install compilers and learn how to use them or not. This is an important thing we all love our preferred browsers to do, and Javascript can make that happen.

17. It Rules The Web

Javascript is the language used to write client-side code in the browser. If you plan to write any kind of interaction on a website or web app, it will have to be in Javascript.

Definitely, there are other languages that can write browser interactions, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to Javascript. This programming language also has a monopoly on front-end web development.

18. Server and Client

Since Node came onto the scene, Javascript is now a famous server-side language too. This is a massive benefit for several developers since they now use one language and technologies on the front and back end. It also aids a brand new part of Javascript development that is quite famous. This is a great plus and can preserve the time that will be wasted learning two different languages.

19. Animate Beautiful Effects

Do you plan on animating beautiful and amazing little doddles to make more site more enticing? Then Javascript can make that happen. With it, you can begin to start animating stuff right from the browser.

20. Debug Websites And Applications

If you want to show off with Javascript, use it as a platform to go deeper into figuring out how it functions as a language for other top companies, in the process, learning about bugs and problems they should know about so a solution could be provided.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 20 salient and interesting Javascript facts. If you have knowledge of Javascript facts not mentioned in this article, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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