There are ten things you didn’t know about Xbox One, and these ten features are what make Xbox superb. As such, Xbox One mainly competes against other consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4, because of its unassailable features.

Xbox One is the eighth generation video game consoles crafted by Microsoft. So, without further ado, here are some of the essential Xbox One features you might not know.

xbox one


1. Accurate Understandable Voice commands

As an Xbox One user, you can talk to your Xbox. This feature is beneficial for users who see navigating with the controller as a big deal. If you can’t be bothered using a controller to navigate, problem solved! You can say “Hey Cortana” a lot.

Cortana is your favorite AI, and it’s fitting the Xbox has Cortana voice control through your headset mic. It’s of the best interest if you can instruct your Xbox to sign in and “watch Netflix” or record that for game clips & start up a game adjust volume, turn off, switching between apps, booting up a set and changing the channel–just say the words.

Again, with this ability, one can gain full control over his/her Xbox. So how does it feel? Like in absolute in charge right? You can now use voice commands for almost everything –to interact with your Xbox through Cortana and co.

2. Customize your home screen

Customization within your fingertip! There are tons of ways to freely customize your Xbox. Many your dashboard isn’t good looking; you needed something catchy. Or you impede all the news and updates about a game by merely highlighting it in My Game & App, secondly selecting Add To Home.

You want to keep track of your precious games and apps, Twitch broadcasts, TV shows? Easy you can pin them down as you wish. Furthermore, you can change your background entirely. Navigate >>>Setting>Personalisation>My Colour & Background. You can get your dream look dashboard or any custom image from your USB.

3. Follow people

The activity Feed helps you tap into your follower’s every move. It’s not compulsory you know friends to follow you back to stay up to date with their gaming lives. Also, you don’t have to be friends before you can stalk.

With this brilliant feature at your grasp, you can stay up to the minutes with your Xbox live celebrities, and stalk as you which without limit. In the long run, you can start racking up followers as well by sharing and creating awesome videos.

4. Group up via your phone

By merely having Xbox App in your mobile device, you can keep track of all your console business while you’re away from Xbox or probably sitting in front of it.

It’s beneficial using your phone while you’re playing. This gives you bird’s eye over others; who’s online/offline. Secondly, it tracks achievements. Thirdly, you can use it for messaging your families & friends.

In the App, find Clubs and Groups related to your favorite games. Say you’re in God of war, you can effortlessly start a group, and specify things; get a solution from another casual gamer.

5. Suspend and resume games at any point

One of the craziest features in Xbox One that tends to brighten up my day is suspended and resuming of any gameplay at any given point. This shows a high sense of backward compatibility.

With all assurance, you can pick up right where you left off in your gameplay. For this to happen, there’s a requirement for the cloud.

There’s a need to set your Xbox to upload your saves to the cloud automatically. If this is done perfectly well, it will resume automatically. But if not, migrate to your Xbox 360 Settings > System > Storage > Games.

Now select the game you want to continue, locate your latest save, click Move, and select Cloud Saved Games. You are done and dusted!

6. Get you even more addicted to entertainment

It probes beyond just playing; this game could be pretty much addictive and thus compel you to keep playing for hours on ends. The game has been enhanced by a 9x resolution boost and expanded high dynamic range that immensely added improvement to image’s color range.

This Xbox One X’s enhancements has been expanding its enhanced games list. Right now The Witcher 3 has been upgraded to 4K alongside HDR support. Also, the Halo 5 Guardians incorporates 4K, HDR, and 60fps and FPS have 30fps being casual, and 60fps being stunning.

7. Re-map your controller

On the Xbox One, you can have your Controller customize at the go and for easy gameplay. For controller customization, migrate>>>setting>>>Kinect & Devices. From the give options on the list of devices, you formally paired, you can select the controller you want to customize and configure.

8. Share your game clips to Social Media

Go wild on Social Media! Share the red letter moment and tweet it. Not only that but also you can record a voice through your headset and with Kinect’s camera produce a video on your own. All uploads of clips can be easily uploaded.

9. Share a controller over the internet

The availability of the Streaming service Mixer permits you to share your gaming skills/ gameplay online. Not alone can you share your gameplay but also give the reins to one of your broadcast viewers and permit him/her to have a taste of the game –control.

 10. An Avatar OR a real human

The real human editor wasn’t available before it is an up to the minute’s update feature that came with a much more expressive look. The Avatar or tiny-you has never looked so designing, cute or angry –depending on your creation process.

But if you don’t like the give avatars maybe they aren’t so that really, you can only customize your gamer pic with some real photo.

It requires a 1080 x 1080 image on a USB drive, goes the Home Menu to select your Profile, clicks on Customize Profile & Change Gamerpic to make changes as desired. On the other hand, you can upload a Custom Image, as you navigate to the external storage to select your photo.


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