Life happens but it does happen, you do not need to throw yourself out, or get yourself into dirty things just to keep up. By the way, the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria should tell you “friend, you are not the only one in this.”

Things To Do if you are unemployed in Nigeria

While it can be disappointing and overwhelming too, to be unemployed, there are certain things you can do to keep you occupied while you prepare for the best. Here, I have shared with you 4 things you can do if you are unemployed in Nigeria.

Now let’s get into it!

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1. Work Online

Many people do not believe anything online is legit; most say they are all scam! On the contrary, working online, or working from home has become a good way to spend your unemployed moments. It is the trend now.

You can become a freelancer, offering services like writing, web designing, social media management, graphic designing, or even a virtual assistant.

You can also do affiliate marketing or online surveys and get paid for it. Just any service or skill that can be carried over the internet.

Get me right: As there are great opportunities online, there are also a lot of fraudulent and deceptive acts. So be sure the site you are using is a trusted one. Get people’s review and research what people are saying about a platform before you get unto it. You can also search for Careers you can start in Nigeria.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is also another productive thing you can do while you are still unemployed in Nigeria. However, it is a strong way to build your sense of purpose for a cause you care about.

Such engagements can boost your experience in your chosen field and help you meet and connect with people. The greater percentage of people’s success is a result of the connection they have.

Most recruiters would also want to hire people who had volunteered for some projects, especially for community development.

You could look around for one or more of those NGOs which you share like-vision with and join them. If you cannot find any organization, create one. Look around for individuals (online and offline) who can share in your vision and mission; build, help, and grow together.

3. Increase Your Skills

In Nigeria today, it is either you have connections (you may not necessarily have skills), or you have needed skills. And, if I should advise you, I will say you should have the skills from which you build your connections.

You know why? You will ever remain valuable. So, while you have no job yet, why not take some time to examine your skills to know how you can acquire more or improve on the ones you have already? It can help you know.

You can take online lessons from educational platforms like Udemy, Udacity, edX, and the rest. You may also want to take up an apprentice position in a workshop or an office, depending on your target industry.

If you build your skills, you will be wanted by all employers; you will be a ‘hot cake’.

4. Socialize

Another great way to spend your time while unemployed is socializing with people on different social platforms. Well, it is not only when you are unemployed that you can Socialize with people, but it is a good time to build imparting and lasting ones.

Effective networking does not only involve attending events, wearing tags, and raising discussions with people who you think you should connect with. It can take a different shape in the world of today.

You can get to different social media platforms and share your knowledge and show your skills. This will help you connect with people in the industry you want to get into, and open you to greater opportunities.

I can recommend LinkedIn, Twitter, and perhaps Facebook, as great social platforms where you can get started.

The Bottom Line

No! We have blamed the bad government enough. Since it is obvious that the government is not doing enough to provide jobs for Nigerians, you must stop the blame game and work yourself out of the ditch.

Get yourself into one or more of these recommendations of the things you can do if you are unemployed in Nigeria, discussed above, and you will be on your way to a brighter future. It is not usually easy, but you will win.


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