5 Cool ways to Drive Traffic To Your Old Blog Posts

In your early days of blogging, you noticed that you dont have much traffic to your blog. This is because you dont have much audience and readers. This results to few readers and low traffic to your blog post.

Now you’ve gotten enogh readers, you can drive traffic to those your early days posts or do you want those great contents to be wasted and nobody reading them? Hell No!! You cant allow that.

Also, driving traffic to your old posts can also help increase your blog main traffic. Use these few tips below to drive traffic to your old blog posts.

#1. Internal-Linking: Internal linking to old blog posts can be a good way to drive traffic to old posts. Apart from SEO value of internal linking, it can also be a good way to breathe life into your old posts. Internal Linking is done by recommending your old post on your new post. Example is as below..

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#2. Use Related Post Widget/Plugin: This is another way to promote your old blog posts. Using related post plugins automatically adds links to your posts which are related to the particular post a reader is reading.

#3. Reshare your posts: this is a great way of driving traffic to both your old/new posts. The use of social networks and social bookmarking sites are great ways to share your post. Sharing them over and over again would be a great idea.

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#4. Make Post Lists: making a post list can also be a good source. This involves making a new post with links to relevant topics on your blog. You can link them categorically

#5. Use Random Post widget/plugin: Random Post widget can be of great help here as it brings up all your blog posts randomly. Your users might find an old post interesting and decide to check on them.