5 Reasons You Should Leave Comments On Other Blogs

Many Bloggers Find it Difficult To comment on other blogs Maybe because they think they are pro bloggers and feel too big to leave comment on other blogs.

Sometimes, I also find it difficult to Comment on other blogs not because i feel too big to do it but when i see some irritating CAPTCHA i loss my appetite. Even though i comment that moment, i would never return to that blog to place comment.

Below, I will Give you Few reasons Commenting on other blogs Is Good to your you and your blog.

#1. Traffic: Leaving reasonable Comment on other blogs can be a source of traffic for you in the sense that the blog reader, owner and other commenters would want to know more about your own blog. You can as well drop your blog url sensibly to drag attention to your own blog.

#2. Backlink: Commenting on other blogs Creates backlinks to your blog. When the blogs you comment on has good Page Rank, it also help in increasing your own blog page rank.

#3. Opportunity: Regurlar Engagement on other blogs comments helps build you profile which could be a source of connection and opportunites like Guest post and other online businesses.

#4. Promotes You: Leaving reasonable and inspiring comments on other blogs promotes you in the sense that you profile gets noticed. And you know what it means to be noticed by other bloggers.

#5. Compliment: You’ve Read this post, and you learnt something from it. Why not drop a comment to compliment the Author? Good compliment will make him happy and he would want to do the same for you.