Cheapest Free MTN Data Bundles for Android, Symbian, iPhones & PC

The question is not when are our network provider going to reduce data cost and zapping on android and iPhone but would you rather go with this data plan considering the fact that it’s a little bit cheaper compared to the normal MTN Data Plan.

 I still don’t know if it’s only my sim or probably because I don’t download with my airtel modem on PC, I noticed over 3 weeks ago that I made subscription of Airtel Bis 4GBwhichgoes for 1500, I still have 2011.35MB left of my data bundle… seems not to be over zapping.

 If you are eligible for this offer, you can give it a trial. I came to discover a company called Modest Data Plan, and their major aim is to reduce the high cost of data from mtn by selling it at a more cheaper rate to their subscribers. This company offers cheap and affordable Data Bundles for all internet enabled devices like Android devices, iPhones/iPads, Windows phones, Symbian/Java phones, PC and others. 

What they do is they legally purchase huge amount of data from network providers and sell it to their subscribers at a low price. For instance, 

»250MB – cost N500 

»500MB – Cost N900 

»750MB – Cost N1,200 

»1GB – Cost N1,500 
Left to me, I still have 5GB on my glo line to expire ending of August, 2011.35MB on my Airtel line to expire 24thof August 2014. – Sourec: Gurusloaded