Hot! #1500 for 4GB On Airtel Rocking At The Moment

Now that it’s just remaining one month for use to move over to 2015, Airtel NG is trying as much as possible to bless the lives of their customers, by letting them surf the net at a very cheap price. It’s a “pay for one month and get one month free promo” it’s as if this promo as per say intentionally came by november so as to allow some of us browse for free by december and flex Christmas. Airtel NG just suprised us by re-lunching the Airtel BIS 4GB for #1500 for two months. Guess what, it’s working on every device, it doesn’t select your device. Let’s see some reasons why you should choose this plan.


Why Choose The Airtel 2 in 1 Plan?

  • It works on every device, browser and app, be it android, blackberry, PC, symbian, java, and even BB10 devices
  • You are being giving additional one month free subsciption, meaning, when you subscribe, you get the next month subscription free for that same #1500.
  • It’s economical, it doesn’t zap data on PC. In oder for you not to come back here crying that it doesn’t last on android phones please, deactivate every background app from running.

How To Buy The Airtel 4GB for #1500

Please before you recharge the #1500 on your sim, dial *440*161# to know if you are eligible for this offer. It’s heart breaking that some airtel sim cards are not eligible for this promo, I guess I’m blessed and my sim is rocking hard on this. 🙂 Shhhh.. Keep calm, your sim must be eligible, we must descipline Airtel NG and ask them to fix your sim in the list of those who are eligible. Lets see how.

How To Force Your Sim To Be Eligible For the Airtel 4GB Plan

Simple dial *440*440#, for those of you who seem to be lucky enough, you’ll recieve an instant eligible message. But if you don’t get an eligible message, just keep your SIM for some couples of weeks and re-dail *440*440# again you might get lucky and be eligible. My sim is eligeble #smiling 🙂 , I guess Airtel staffs have an eye on my sim as it doesn’t miss out on such promo’s, unlike my MTN line which hasn’t worked for me on any tweak before 🙁