Airtel night plan, is a special data package from Airtel that allows subscribers to get huge data bundles at a very cheap price, a price that doesn’t match the volume of data provided. The Airtel night plan package allows Airtel subscribers to purchase 500 Naira worth of airtime for as low as 200 Naira and offers more data volume than what  300 Naira worth of airtime would usually offer for 24 Naira.

As the package name reads, The data offered in this package can only be used at night, this is the condition Airtel offers its subscribers who desire more data for so little. Airtel night plan runs from 12am-5am every day.

Airtel night plan

In this article, we are going to be looking at how to subscribe to Airtel night plans, using Airtel specified USSD codes, how to deactivate Airtel night plan.

Note: Only Airtel subscribers subscribed to the Smart Trybe tariff plan have access to Airtel night plan package. This means that if you are currently on a different tariff plan, you will need to subscribe to the Smart Trybe tariff plan first.

Airtel Internet Night Plan Activation and Deactivation Codes 2019

As earlier described in the first paragraph, Airtel actually offers two categories of the data volume in its night plan package. These volumes include the 1GB data for 200 Naira and the 500MB for 25 Naira. As at the time this article was written, The 1GB data for 200 Naira plan wasn’t available. This 200 Naira night plan has been going on and off for quite some time. It seems Airtel is using as a strategy to get more customers. The activation and deactivation code for the 200 Naira night plan will also be included in this tutorial, just in case, Airtel brings it back.

Airtel 1GB For N200 Night Plan Codes 2019

As you might understand from reading the heading, this plan requires 200 Naira for activation. So the prerequisite for this night plan bundle is, 200 Naira worth of Airtime and you must be on the smart Trybe tariff. When you must have met these requirements,

1GB N200 Airtel Nigth Plan Activation code

  • Dial *312# and select 1GB for 200 Naira

1GB N200 Airtel Nigth Plan Deactivation Code

  • Dial *121*5#  select Airtel night plan and deactivate

Airtel 500MB For N25 Night Plan Codes 2019

The subscription code for the 1GB and 500MB night plan subscription are actually similar, the difference is in selection.

500MB N25 Airtel Nigth Plan Activation code

  • Dial *312# and select 500MB for 25 Naira

500MB N25 Airtel Nigth Plan Deactivation Code

  • Dial *121*5#  select Airtel night plan and deactivate

How Do I Check My Airtel Night Data Plan Balance?

If you want to know how to check your Airtel night plan balance

  • Simply dial *141#
  • Press * and then press SEND.
  • After the “Check data balance” has appeared, press 7 and press SEND to select “Check data balance”

There you have it, a complete and comprehensive list of Airtel night plan subscription code. To subscribe to any of the plans, simply dial any of the codes provided in this article.

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