Simpliest Method To Root Tecno F7 AKA Phantom A1

This is a very short but Comprehensive tutorial to help you root your Tecno F7 AKA Phantom A1 Device successfully.

For some people who might want to know what rooting of android devices is all about and its advantage, Rooting your device means obtaining superuser rights and permissions to your Android’s software. With these elevated user privileges, you gain the ability to load custom software (ROM’s), install custom themes, increase performance, increase battery life, and the ability to install software that would otherwise cost extra money (ex: WiFi tethering).

Not taking much of your time, Lets go straight to the Topic of the Day..

For This Tutorial, The below Requirements are highly needed.


** A Computer with an Internet Access.
** The Device you want to Root.
** Pda.Net
** Eroot
** A USB to connect your Device and Computer


Step 1.
Install Pda.Net After downloading it from The Link Above

Step 2.
Select ‘Other’ If it asks you for Device Type. You will then be asked to Connect your Device with USB debugging Enabled. (Enable it By going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and tick the USB debugging option)

Step 3.
After you Might have downloaded Eroot from The Link above, Extract Eroot.exe from the archive/zipped file, then Run it. It will display in Chinese Language. Just ignore it and wait for some minutes or less.

Step 4.
By now, You will be able to see a Root button on your screen. But in case you didnt see it, Just close the Pda.Net Application.

Step 5.
Now you will be able to see the root button. Click it and in less than 15 seconds, your Tecno F7 will be rooted.

Step 6.
Disconnect the USB connection between your Computer and Your Tecno F7. Now locate you Phone menu, You will be able to Find a New Application Installed on your Phone with Name ‘SuperUser’

Step 7.
Reboot your Tecno F7. And Enjoy Root access to Your device..

You Might want To check if your devices has been successfully rooted. Just follow this Below Steps!!

Download Root Check from Google Play Store. Install and Run It into your device, press the ‘Verify Root’ button. If it asks for permission, Press ‘Grant’. If you device has been Rootes, You will get a Message as This: ‘Congratulations! Your device has a root access’