There are times when you decide to create Video tutorials to help people on some tasks, or maybe you might want to make a presentation and need to capture all that is going on on your screen for a specific purpose and that’s where the services of screen recording tools come to play.

Sometime ago on this blog, we covered the various screen capturing tools to take screenshots of whatever that’s been displayed on your screen, but this time, we are going beyond screenshots and that’s how to make screen recordings for videos.

Screen Recording for Mac

For Mac users as the title suggests, I’ll list to you the top best 5 screen recording tools you might want to try out of which some are free and others might require payments.

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The QuickTime Utility is one software that comes with all Macs meaning you do not need an extra installation or hassle to start up your first screen recording on your Mac. Though, as you might have perceived, it does not come with lots of options like third party software installations would provide you when making your screen videos, but it is definitely worth giving a try. One unique feature I love about QuickTime is the ability to record only a particular region of the screen you want.

Capture Me

This is one of the most flexible screen capture and recording utility for Mac OS X I have ever used. It has lots of saving options and most of all you can scale down your recording window to whatever choice you wish. The capture me screen recorder is one free software for your Mac. You can find Capture Me for Mac here.

Capture Me

iShowU HD

One of the finest screen recording yet free tools you might find out there is the iShowU Mac software. One thing you’ll love about this OS X application is it’s ability to seamlessly integrate with editing tools such as Final Cut pro. It has been a top choice for people who make recordings for game walk through due to it’s speed in recording 3D games. It has a nicely designed and easy interface for a great user interaction. Get iShowU HD now.



This is one of my most used screen recording softwares till date. I use it a lot on my PC and it’s also made available for Mac. It is a great screen recording software packed with lots of options to easily edit and manipulate videos at a professional level.

It gives the ability to add text, icons, arrows and import images into the video. The possibilities in using Camtasia are endless and that’s the reason I love it. Of course, this richly optioned software definitely comes at a fee. You can find Camtasia for Mac at the official website.


Jing is a basic yet wonderful screen recording tool for Mac users providing the option to either record screen videos or make screen captures. It is built with rich functionalities to add icons, text, arrows and images to the video you are making and most of all, it is built in a way you can easily share your just made videos with your friends. You can get Jing Here.

Note that Jing is a free tool comes with it’s share of limitations as you can only record a 5 minutes maximum video with it. If you wish to record longer videos, then try the other above mentioned video recorders on your MAC.

Do you have any other great video recording tool you make use of on your MAC? Or do you already use any mentioned above? Please do share using the comments as I’ll love to know.



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