It is clear that Amazon is doing all it can to make it’s Alexa personal assistant as visible as possible. At yesterday’s marathon product intro, Amazon unveiled several Echo-branded Alexa-powered products for inside and outside the house. However, the issue now is the specific one to buy. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of Echo Products Amazon Announced in 2019

1. Echo Frames

echo products Amazon Announced in 2019

This is seen as an experimental product. It houses your eyeglass prescription but will be available by invites alone. Simply request an invitation on the product page. They are designed to appear like normal glasses and so not come with any camera or screen. The reason for its production is to help make sure Alexa is at your service wherever you go.

2. Echo Studio

This is Amazon’s fresh high-end speaker. It comes with a 1-inch tweeter and three 2-inch midrange speakers, 3D audio, plus Dolby Atmos tech. It even provides a built-in smart home hub. You will have to part with $199.99 though.

3. Echo Show 8

echo products Amazon Announced in 2019

Amazon’s Echo Show line of smart displays might resemble photo frames, but Amazon has said they offer much more than that. This version provides an 8-inch screen and a built-in camera. It also adds integration with the Food Network so it can be used as a way to watch and potentially build new recipes.

4. Echo Speaker

The 3rd generation of Amazon’s Echo Speaker has undergone upgrading with enhanced speakers. These speakers have an identical audio architecture as the present Echo Plus speaker.

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It comes in fresh design colors as well. The colors include blue, charcoal, gray, and sandstone. Potential buyers have to part with $99.99.

5. Echo Do With Clock

The next-generation Echo Dot comes with an LED display on the side that allows you to check the time, outdoor temperature, timers, and alarms.

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It will be available for purchase on the 16th of October and you will be expected to pay $59.99.

6. Echo Flex

echo products Amazon Announced in 2019

The Echo Flex can fit wherever in your house. This small speaker measures just 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.0 inches and will plug straight into a power socket. It possesses a USB-A port. Shipping commences on the 14th of November but it can be preordered right now. It costs $24.99.

7. Echo Loop

This smart ring works like Echo Frames and it is supposed to make sure Alexa is with you at all times, wherever you go.

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This product works with invites only as well, and it makes use of a button to grant you access to your PA and haptic tech to vibrate when a call comes in.

8. Echo Buds

Top 8 Echo Products Amazon Announced

Amazon is trying to compete with Apple’s AirPods with its own wireless earbuds. With features that include tech designed to decrease ambient noise, this bud also comes with a passthrough mode that will make it possible for you to hear what is going down on the street. Other features include 2 armature drivers in both earbuds for the best sound plus being able to access not just Alexa, but Siri or Google Assistant. It costs $129.99.

This list of top 8 Echo products Amazon announced in 2019, shows that Alexa isn’t relenting innovation. Which of them is your favorite? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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