Do you love to game? Are you interested in finding a gaming laptop that can keep up with your gaming preferences? If so, then you need to find one with the features that support what’s most important to you when you are gaming. While a great place to begin this endeavor is with information from sites such as The Great Device, you will likely also find the information highlighted here helpful. When you are informed, you will find that getting a gaming laptop that meets your needs and expectations is easier than you ever imagined.

If you are ready to begin your journey into the world of gaming laptops, then use the tips and information found here.

1. The DELL Inspiron

This is a unique laptop that is designed to provide you power in a compact package. This means that you can remain in your gaming mode, wherever you travel. It is lightweight, thin and offers a simple, yet trendy, outline, brushed palm rest. What is even more appealing is the discretionary illuminated base, which makes writing on this device much more comfortable. When you use this laptop, you will quickly discover that it is a great option, regardless of if you are working or gaming and can stand up to the expectations you have.

Features of the Dell Inspiron

  • The computer has a solid build and smooth performance
  • It features 8GB of RAM
  • Five hours of battery life
  • Comes preloaded with Windows 8.1

2. Acer Aspire 15.6” E5-575G-59EE

This computer is able to be associated by the means of a USB 3.1 Type-C to any exterior GPU dock, which can be used with a desktop design card. This computer is one of the members of the sixth era of the Intel center processors. If you are a gamer, then you are going to find that this computer is designed to deliver superior performances.

Features of the Acer Aspire Gaming Computer

  • The Sky Lake Core i5 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
  • Installed with Windows 10 Home version
  • Lightweight at just 29 pounds

3. Asus ROG Zephyrus GX 501

This computer offers superior thinness of the beloved Ultrabook, but the performance of a truly amazing and versatile gaming PC. As a result, you have the best of both worlds right at your fingertips. Even though it may not have the best battery life, the powerhouse notebook is considered one that you can rely on if you are looking for a device that combines both style and portability. Also, it is almost completely silent, if you find the noise from your PC as a problem for your gaming enjoyment.

Features of the Asus Zephyrus GX 501

  • Amazingly powerful
  • Comfortable ergonomics making long gameplay possible
  • Quiet and innovative cooling

4. The Razer Blade

While it may not work well with the Windows 10 operating system now, it is planned to have some updates that will make it play nicely with others. In addition to offering you a battery life of more than seven and a half hours, it will also support 4K Ultra HD games thanks to the innovative Razer Core V2 graphics box, which is located externally, as well as the spare monitor. Or, if you prefer, you may be able to choose the latest 4K display option. Regardless of what you choose, you are going to love the gaming experience that you have.

Features of the Razer Blade

  • Offers an amazing battery life
  • Provides an option for 4K display
  • Ideal for gamers on the go

5. The Asus ROG Strix GL 502

This computer may not have the most impressive features when it comes to an innovative design, having swapped out the typical red and black colors for one that looks way to similar to Halloween, it is still an extremely powerful machine. In fact, it is considered one of the absolute best when you want to game in 1080p. In fact, you can crank your settings up in the Overwatch game without ever taking a hit that fell below 60fps. While the battery life isn’t superior, the onboard sound system and performance are able to more than make up for this shortcoming.

Features of the Asus ROG Strix GL 502

  • Provides you with the power to enjoy full HD gaming
  • A screen that is more vibrant than others
  • Affordable price take for any gamer
  • Storage ranging from 128 GB to 256 GB

6. Alienware 13 R3

Unlike many of the other laptops at this size, this computer provides a hinge-forward design. Because the heat sinks were moved behind the screen, the chassis is much thinner. However, this means that you won’t be able to find too many 13-inch carrying cases or bags that will be able to fit this device. Even though you may be tempted to include the complete size of the Nvidia GeForce GTX, it is actually the OLED touch display that is bound to demand and keep your attention

Features of the Alienware 13 R3

  • Amazing clear OLED screen
  • RAM ranging from 8 GB to 16 GB
  • Enhanced design with hinges forward
  • 3 inch HD display

7. Alienware 17 R4

While the Alienware name in electronics isn’t one that is always directly correlated with high value, that simply isn’t the case with this gaming computer. In fact, this device offers several customization options related to specs that are able to be named at your own price. Full of the features and elements expected from this brand, this device is designed to provide you with superior features that really deliver the experience you are looking for.

Features of the Alienware 17 R4

  • Power that exceeds expectations
  • Stylish looks and design
  • Huge list of features and options
  • 3-inch screen

As you can see, there are more than a few options to consider when it comes to gaming laptops. If you are on the market for this type of device, make sure to keep the computers listed here in mind and choose one that meets your needs.


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