My favorite chrome feature is its support for a wide range of extensions. These extensions give additional functionality to the Chrome browser. These chrome extensions cut across all fields and are productive too. whether you just want to monitor your data or you are an SEO specialist that likes scanning the rank of other websites, chrome extensions have you covered. This article contains a list of top handy and productive chrome extensions that will improve the way you use chrome browser. Extensions in this list include:

top ten chrome extensions

1. Data Saver

data saver

Data saver is one of the most used chrome extensions for obvious reasons. Data saver chrome extension brings about bandwidth savings facilitated by Google. Data saver chrome extension uses Google servers to compress before your chrome loads them, facilitating a lot of data savings. Data saver is a free extension that can be downloaded from chrome extension store.

2. AdBlocker Ultimate

ads blocker chrome extension

Have to deal with annoying adverts when visiting websites has become a norm today. Making adverts is the channel website owners get paid. Though not all websites feature annoying ads, there are a lot of websites that feature annoying ads, you will find these annoying ads mostly on media websites that offer free moving downloads.

To cut the long explanation short, Adblocker ultimate is a chrome extension that disables ads on websites. The Adblocker ultimate removes advertising such as banner ads, videos, and pop-ups, while also blocking a variety of online tracking tools.

3. Checker Plus For Gmail

checker plus gmail chrome extension

Checker plus Gmail is a chrome extension that keeps your Gmail messages within reach. With checker plus extension, you want to switch tabs before you are able to view newly received Gmail messages. Once installed, check plus extension creates an inbox icon close to your omini bar. Clicking this icon will give you instant access to your Gmail messages without opening another tab or loading another content on the page.

4. FoxClocks

fox clocks chrome extension

Foxclocks is a chrome extension that meets the needs of people who always keep tabs on global time. After installation, fox clocks chrome extension puts multiple clocks and time zones within reach, displaying your chosen time zones in Chrome’s bottom status bar. There is also a setting that allows you to display selected clocks beside your URL bar

5. Habitlab

hitlab chrome extension

Habitlab is a chrome extension that helps you reduce the time you spend on social media, helping you make better use of your time. Habit Lab provides a series of interface interventions in your browsing, helping you reduce the time you waste on Facebook, Youtube, and other potential time wasters.

Habitlab extension gives prompts before playing a long video, hides your newsfeed, or display a card showing the time spent on a particular time or service.

6. Mercury Reader

mercury reader chrome extension

Mercury reader is a chrome extension that filters all important content of an article from adverts and other forms of distraction, reducing content cluster. With Mercury reader, you won’t have to take sudden breaks in your article reading because of ads. It gives you a clean interface.

7. Send To Kindle

send to kindle chrome extension

Amazon kindles are devices and apps were created for reading articles and other long-form articles with ease. With the send to kindle chrome extension, you can send articles, text snippets, and other web content straight to your Kindle account.

contents sent to your kindle accounts are converted into a clean, reader-friendly format on websites directly to your Kindle devices are apps, All from one tap.

8. One Tab

one tab chrome extension

One Tab is a chrome extension that compresses all the tabs you have opened into a page full of links to the various tabs. This way your Tab bar looks less clunky and you are able easily to send links of tabs opened to people.  One tab also offers an option to quickly restore all the tabs in the order they placed.

9. Save To Pocket

save to pocket chrome extension

Save to pocket is a chrome extension that allows you to save articles to be read later. Articles save with save to chrome to pocket extension can be read on all chrome synced devices. Take for example a scenario where articles saved can be read on your smartphone when you are on a bus traveling.

10. Turn Off lights

turn off lights chrome extension

Turn off lights is a chrome extension that gives a cinematic look to your chrome browser when watching online videos. Turn off lights chrome extension dims website backgrounds when videos are played, giving online videos a cinematic look, at the same time reducing eye strain.

Here is my list of top handy and productive chrome extensions. These Chrome extensions, have helped me a lot and I guess they would do the same for you. If you are currently using chrome extensions not featured on this list, feel free to drop your own list of chrome extensions in the comment box below.


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